The Fellowship of the Crap

BOC #9 for me, and easily the fastest one to process I’ve ever had.

boooooo! was reading thru the egg nog recipes…LOL

It’s been 3 years since my last BOC!

This is the second time buying a (Hand) Bag of Crap screwed me from getting a BOC even though Woot said it should not. “You are only allowed to Crap once per seven days, Its Painful, but Necessary.”

CRAP Blocked by Code again!!

I put it in my cart twice before it sold out. I bought one last week so I kept removing it…

Strange Feeling! Congrats to all who scored!!!

Had it in the cart twice…Butkus.
Oh well, good times!

First ever BOC. My life is now complete.

Unbelievable! It’s been years since the last time I scored the BOC!

So what can a person typically expect? The guy that got me on this site got a TV in his crap bag 5 years ago… what is most common?

double bag of crap. there was one on the wootcrap at the same time.

Was just talking about how I didn’t get crap and I refreshed homepage just to see what’s up and BOOM 98% left and I smashed the button and… “Thanks for your order!”

So happy right now. My day was made.

Been two years since I managed to get a Bag of Crap. I remember two years ago I use to visit a website to see what other people get…where do people share their Bag of Crap contents now?

After a year of getting shut out, I got one again!

I swore I would never buy any BoC again. But what did I do when the screen popped up? Bought the bag – and got it too (even though I had to login again). I guess I will never learn.

Now I need some monkeys…

uhhh its going to be crappy…

it wasn’t actually available. I had it in my cart on two screens and both told me sold out when I tried to check out, but main page still showed 50% remaining.

Just checked. Last BOC was May of 2012.

First bag ever!!! WOOHOO or is it WOOTHOO?!? Very excited.

Last one I got had boxing gloves saying Mexico, a statue of Humbert Humphrey & medium T shirt

I too got teased by the slow refresh of the main page. in the cart, I’m good, then BAM sold out, but wait… it’s still on teh front page!! Nope, slow refresh! Oh well, wasn’t expecting to get one anyway, still looking for the right laptop.