The Fellowship of the Crap

The Fellowship of the Crap
Price: $3.01
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Tuesday, Dec 02 to Wednesday, Dec 03) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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I sprang like a panther but… I got one on Friday so I can’t buy it. I’ll just post here instead.

I cannot believe its still here!

That lasted pretty long for a boc.

Well this makes up for the one I missed w/ the world of wootcraft

Stepped away for 3 minutes and missed it!

missed it. dammit. never managed to get one…

aargh… missed two in a row…

I was both ready and willing; however, I BOC ed too recently.

I always get it in my cart, then fall short. Lame.

Twice in a row, I think I got it, get to checkout and find it’s gone.


Forced back to login! No BOC of course…

that lasted a lot longer than normal

Darn missed it lol darn check out slug work haha

that was there for a while! i could have had one, but got one last friday…

The first time in 4 years, but I scored my second Bindle of Chunder!

Got my first bag in 5 years of wooting!

Processing took like 2 minutes. Glad I was able to grab it! woot!