The Founders

Fun, I like the late 18th century tweaks on the costumes…also, thanks for the Aaron Burr chuckle in the writeup.

My suspicions have been confirmed. Thanks, Radscoolian.

Electrifying design :slight_smile:

Worth staying up until 1am to see that it made it! I bought one for my husband and 7 yr old son. (Hope it isn’t “uncool” for them to match during outings!)

does anyone know which brand is better American apparel or anvil

Price reverted and American Apparel? What did I miss? Was Woot spun off from Amazon?

Fit wise:
American Apparel has a tighter, closer fit than anvil on men. Someone else will need to speak for women.

Fabric wise:
American Apparel is roughly the same quality material.

The important part:
American Apparel is made in the USA. So…yeah case closed. AA wins.

Cool shirt. Back to $10 and there doesn’t even appear to be a fatty tax on that $10?


I miss when woot shirts were always $10. It was nice having a few new TShirts a month…

Sorry, but my take on this shirt is that it is one of the uglier designs I’ve seen on here in a long while.

Everyone has their own taste, this just doesn’t fit mine…

Here’s my answer to the differences from yesterday:

I was hoping this would print.

George Washington really was the first Captain America, if you think about it.

For women: get american apparel if you’re skinny, get anvil if you’re not. To me, anvil seems like they are made for people who are short and wide. The ladies shirts really flare out at the hips and ride high . Fits me like some ill fitting crop top. American apparel fits much better but shrinks a lot in the wash so perhaps order a size up.

Great work! I hope John Quincy Antman appears in the sequel!

As a decidedly un-skinny woman - I go with AA men’s shirts. That weird Anvil tent flair thing just gets worse as the sizes go up.

American Apparel is the superior shirt. The anvils are cheap. I bought the original Raven shirt and decided to buy it again when it was offered as a reprint (on Anvil). My anvil shirt already looks worse than the original, it is stretched out and ratty looking.

I am so glad the AA shirts are back because it means I can start buying shirts again!

So umm… they were only back for this weekend. :frowning:

So fun. I would’ve paid more attention in History if it had been taught metaphorically. :^)

Congrats Rad!

More like General America, methinks :wink:

Hamilton was a colonel of artillery at Yorktown.