State of Denial

Sweet, I got first sucker for the first time!

Also, thanks for the option of AA - this shirt marks the return of my impulsive shirt shopping.

You and me both. This is the 3rd shirt out of the last 5 that I’ve bought.

My favorite part of this shirt is the alien. Congrats on the print!


But of course I would deny it…

I wish the bottom tag said “Population: You”

I’ve lived here most of my life, now I have to take drugs to get back there.

I see a lumberjack and an alien, but where’s Cleopatra? Where’s the queen?

Woot is the difference between the aa shirts and that other one. Wait… can it really be that obvious? Tell me because I don’t know what to do. Too many choices.

This is my favorite Woot shirt in ages :smiley: Felt great to be able to buy it on AA!

Need t-shirts for the neighboring states, Intoxication and Insanity.

The difference is, of course, $1.

Smiles look just shaky enough that eventually the subconscious will start to wonder, ‘wait, what’s really happening.’ Except the sun, which is solidly committed to this who cares how much is in the glass, we’ll just SMILE plan.

There is no other difference? Texture, sizing, style, durability, etc, is all the same?

He was kidding around. From my understanding there is a very different cut for females sizes between the two brands. For men, it sounds like AA is more slim fit and better for skinny/athletic guys and Anvil is from what i understand more thick fabric and more of a boxy type cut. Also, people prefer AA because the shirts are made in America.

What better way to show your support against climate change than to buy a tshirt that was made through the same resource-wasting processes that got us into this mess in the first place!?

Dear Woot. I will now buy shirts again now that you brought back AA. Not only do they fit better. They are made in America.

Your first derby win! How did it take this long? ::shakes voters::

Congratulations, in for one!

This shirt makes a great Fathers Day present for someone I know in that State!

I’m so happy this printed! Congrats, Nichol! This is the first shirt I’ve bought for myself since… I can’t remember when. A very very long time. It’s just that awesome.

Love the scrawled smiles on everything. Has that perfect balance of irrational optimism. Perfect :slight_smile: