The people who should be post whores again thread


I’ve reduced my woot role significantly, but still, when I do come back, I notice that familiar faces aren’t around. Who? Well here’s my list, add to it! This is a tribute to our fallen comrades.

I’m pulling an all-nighter, so I’m distracted and I’m sure to have forgotten names.


Killingtime had a good list… let me find it.


Cazzers shows up from time to time.


Kt’s List

  • cruzer



How can you be on the list? You are right here!
You forgot how many days till your birthday?
Having a bad day?


I’ve gone retarded I believe.


You should have waited till finals were over.


but then my life really would be boring.


Finals are over. Give it a rest. Back to boredom for you!

woo hoo! I snuck past the censors!


Holy crap, how did that happen!
Glad to see you back here!


never underestimate the power of FM.


holy crap!

its mac!


wow, I’m glad someone else saw that, I thought perhaps i was hallucinating!


dows this mean if i post on every thread ppl won’t be mad?


No… I’m mad you asked that, though.



well, damn, i missed this thread!! but, better late than never i guess!

it’s nice to be missed ;o)