The Realm of Every Game

Thanks for posting the link, (larrydavidarmstrong). A terrific job, and I join others in saying it would be one wonderful poster.

And congrats on your first printed shirt!

Agreed. I also really liked ppens’ last two winners, but couldn’t bring myself to buy them since I have too many black shirts. Posters woulda been sick.

Looks suspiciously similar to MediEvil…

As a cartophile, I am somewhat disappointed that none of the derby winners were that, idk, ‘mappy’. I suppose Ken Jennings’ pick would be the closest to something I would love, not sure why it didn’t even place! Nothing against the winners, they were voted on fair and square.

Add me to the list that would love this as an actual poster. (Considering makeshift DIY tshirt poster though.)

I have been to every place on this map so very many times.

such tiny writing :frowning:

Is anyone else amused that the quality post synopsis shows that Medicfrost ended up in England instead of Disney?

And now I’m in a fantasy mood; nicely done. Want to see the conveyor belts myself, from afar and near the big red off switch (having seen this sort of thing before)

With an abbreviated day (no sales in the first 5-1/2 hours due to Woot’s servers being moved), 1132 on debut day … which happens to be my order. Narf!

EDIT: The last two Sunday shirts had 26% and 23% of their sales in the first 5 hours of their debut day.

First Day Sales: 1132

Last wooter to woot: Narfcake
Last purchase time: Sunday, October 23, 2011, 11:59:08 PM Central Time
Order pace: 1m 16.279s
Woot wage: $3,126.88
Woots sold: 1132

No more updates so Narfcake stands as last wooter at 1132

Hope the new servers are happy

I seriously want to buy this shirt for my husband!!!

You might find the shirt at one of these sites:,, or the random shirt trade center in the Shirt.Woot forum.

couldn’t find it… how do shirt trades work? I’m new to this, I don’t make shirts… can u purchase instead of trade???

Hello. Each site is geared for trades only. You would need to register or create an account to start trading.

Ugh, I love this shirt as an idea, but I can’t wear it.
You don’t get an idea how big that graphic is, it is huge. This means, that the entire front is less flexible and less breathable. Kind of like wearing rubber. :frowning: