Thinktank Technology Folding Hand Truck

A 110 lb weight limit seems a little light for a hand truck. Don’t most of these hold more than that?

Oh, man, EXACTLY what i needed. In for 2.

In for one… I have one of these already. they rock.

holds 110 pounds, my ass

a small child? yea not very useful for moving as these can hold 300, 500, 800 pounds if purchased from a store like homedepot or lowes

granted a nicer 800lb would be like $90

but i see myself breaking a 110lb dolly quicker than if i just pony’d up the money to get something i know i can actually use

this is plastic scaffolding (lol no woot edit there) :slight_smile:

In for one, these are nice things to have, and the price is dirt cheap. Toss it in your car’s trunk, until you need to lug something like bags of fertilizer or moving day. Also good as a luggage cart if you have some bungee cords.

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Folding hand trucks are very useful things. But I already own 3 “Magna-Carts” for that purpose.

Using hand trucks means that I can get all the groceries from the car to my apartment elevator in one trip instead of 3-5.

The non-folding ones do, but even then, you’re not gonna be lugging hundreds of pounds with one unless you know what you’re doing and have an industrial one. If you can’t lift it, you shouldn’t put it on a hand cart.

Exactly. I am the only person in my house who is capable of lifting, bending, or moving large object, so i can easily see myself using a light hand truck weekly. Not everyone needs an… um… monster truck.

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