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Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning [New] - $1.49 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Toddco Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning – 3.25oz

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Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning
$1.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Toddco Todd’s Bayou Dirt Seasoning - 3.25oz

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Dirt Seasoning…?
BOC is Next o-O;?

mmmm dirt


time to go to sleep… -.-

Is this good? I need a seasoning with some KICK.

Really really??

…I hate you, Woot.

i heard its good, and the price here is cheaper then buying it off the website. shipping and all.

Geez, sounds delicious…

Now woot is selling Dirt. What next? Bags of air? Oh, wait…ah nevermind

Good stuff. I got it in my last BOC. But $5 for shipping kills this deal.

great for cooking that “deadliest catch”

Well I’m out of here.

Love this stuff.

Got some of this in a BoC, and I was pleasantly surprised. I generally use either a bit of it on steaks rather than the Montreal Steak Seasoning, or I use it as a rub for roasts. It’s a bit potent, and it WILL overpower any fish that you put it on, and it’s a bit much for chicken. But it goes well with red meat.

Glad it’s not refurbished.

Found a review, food looks yummy!