Tools From Great Lakes

Thanks for being upfront about the Made in China bit. The sales on these items reflect the perception of quality of the items. Stick with Made in USA or Japan for high quality stuff (Makita, Hitachi, Milwaukee)

Looks just like the cheap stuff you can get from Harbor Freight, but costs more (assuming you have a 20% off coupon).

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they were actually the same stuff. Like the Tekton stuff, these are probably fine for those who don’t use their tools often, or don’t know the difference between quality and… “not quality”.

FYI, Milwaukee is owned by Techtronic Industries, the same company who owns Ryobi. According to Wikipedia, only a small portion of their tools are actually made in the US anymore, with the majority being made in China. Not that they’ aren’t great tools, they certainly are. I love our sawzall, and one of my past employers picked up a couple of their 12V drills that compared decently to an older set of 14.4 and 18V DeWalt drills.

Makita has factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Romania, Mexico, Japan, the US and UK.

I’ve been huning for a high quality 1/2" drill and have gotten pretty disgusted. Here’s a quick run down. Smigit is right about Milwaukee, they are owned by a Chinese company, so even if some of the tools were made in USA the profits go to China. DeWalt drills are made in Mexico, Porter Cable made in China, Hitachi made in China, all the Craftsman drills I’ve seen are made in China and even the Bosch I found at Lowes was made in Malaysia. Sad! I did pick up a Makita drill that was “Assembled in USA.” I know Makita is Japanese owned, but at least its a high quality tool and its not China!! If anyone knows of a Made in USA drill, please let me know!!

The Compound Sliding Miter saw is much cheaper on Amazon, plus it has Prime Shipping:

[MOD NOTE: we’re not selling that model.]

So i did some searching and i personally could not find a single replacement battery for the Apex Pro drills. the flashlight doesnt even come with one. on amazon there are several of the same drill for sale and no replacement batteries. i looked on the website for apex power tools and could not even find this drill among them. if anyone can pull this info up before i buy the drills i would appreciate it. thank you.

I second that! I help our economy by doing so, but am looking in the used market for tools these days. It’s US- or EU-made (or the occasional Japan-made woodworking tool) if I can find it new, and that’s getting harder by the day, it seems.

As I said, stick with Made in the USA or Japan. Makita, Milwaukee still make tools in the US of A. Cheers.

Offhand, it looks to be in the same shape as Rockwell’s 12 volt lithium batteries.

hey good stuff comes out of china like apple products and such. i dont really have a problem with that.

i did buy that 10 volt green hitachi last time and it worked great. so great my buddy took that one from my garage smh.

im going to get that 18 volt blue drill. it comes with a 1 year warranty. fyi you can buy the drill for $55 free shipping

They APEX PRO tools look very similar and yet not quite the same as the Craftsman NEXTEC line of tools. A closer look at the battery terminals looks like they are not compatible.

You get what you pay for with power tools. Dont skimp lest you be caught in the middle of a project with a broken tool.

My daughter’s boyfriend can troubleshoot a computer but he would probably injure himself with an electric drill or a box cutter. Welcome to the end of the world as we know it. (REM, 1987)

I suggest you look at the 12V one instead: it’s smaller (more convenient) and has twice the maximum torque (a big deal, IMHO). I’m thinking about it myself. The only problem is that the comparable one from HarborFreight ($40 + tax) has replacement/spare batteries available (for $20).

I’m still considering.

Just to add: I bought a SnapOn cordless impact, SnapOn being a well known US manufacturer of tools. Upon close inspection of the box it arrived in it clearly stated “Made In China”…

No Thanks!You get what you pay for.

The lithium ion drill, impact, and flashlight are nearly identical to the Harbor Freight tools for about the same price, assuming you pay retail at HF. With a 25% coupon, easily found online, you can get the drill for $30. (Use your google-fu to find the SLICK place with all the DEALS)

The 18V drill and other tools also look quite similar to HF offerings. I would assume the same quality since they are both made in china. Therefore, this is not a deal, especially if you have a HF store within 20 miles of you.

there is the question of do you want american made because of quality or patriotism. If you want quality form power tools then you want German. Metabo and Festool are just the best you can get in most things. I run an angle grinder for hours some days and Metabo grinders just last longer and work harder.