Stanley 75-Piece Mechanics Tool Set



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Stanley 75-Piece Mechanics Tool Set**
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 75-Piece Mechanics T**ool Set 85-595G

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my dad needs this, althoug he already bought it!


linkage?.. ok… here’s all the comparison shopping links… i got a big wedding to attend in about 17 hours… so i’ll leave now to start getting ready… stupid tools… nice woot though… i guess.


But…But… I don’t know what tools is?


Woot is always the best place to buy cool stuff. Seems like a quality item. Count me in for one.


ITs just too much for me to carry


It’s back again. Bring on the craftsman debate :slight_smile:

After last time I think I’m gonna grab one for my lady.


So this is basically the 65 piece socket set previously offered, with some wrenches thrown in this time, right?


Emmmm…Got this for $17 at Home Depot last week. No Woot.


Thats what Jiffy Lube is for!


this looks good, is it?
anyone buy it before when it was offered?


I bought this set recently. It is a really good set of tools, and this is a way better price than I bought if for!


First sucker: Iffrat :-o


my dad needs this, but he already has it!


Ummm, its called Harbor Freight and it will cost you a lot less


Sockets? It’s all ball bearings these days.


actually a good deal for this price and stanley tols carry an unconditional warrantee. I’d bite if I didn’t already have tools to spare.


I guess it’s “Socketome Time”… Who remembers?


nice if you like/trust Stanley. I’m a Craftsman man myself. Though, it is a great price for “around the house/car” tasks. Hmm, I’m actually a bit iffy on this guy.