Stanley 20 Piece Socket Set

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Stanley 20 Piece Socket Set
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 92-802 - 20 Piece Socket Set

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Wow…well, it’s cheap, if you need one…maybe my dad could use this…thinks about it


hmm i wonder how durable these things are…

No half inch, huh? No thanks

Some of the other Stanley socket wrench sets get pretty good reviews on Amazon. So it might be ok.

Bought one of these last time it was up just as another set for the basement. It’s complete junk, don’t waste your time. The sockets don’t fit into the wrench very well and none of the sockets or the wrench stay put in their case. You open the case and you have a mess every time. Save your money.

Sad story, sad product, sad life…

1/4" drive… look at it hard and it’s broke even with better tools then these…pass

same brand/case and everything?

Clever description haha

Stanley tools have a strong reputation from when they still made tools in Connecticut. Unfortunately, a few years ago, they re-organized and offshored pretty much the entire company (and certainly all its production). Today, Stanley tools are a bit of a crap shoot–some are still very good quality, but others just count on the fact that few people take them up on their lifetime warranty.

I’d guess that the sockets are reasonably good quality but that the ratchet is pretty cheap. Then again, we’re talking about a 1/4" drive, here, folks–you’re not going to rebuild your car with these. For opening computer cases and other light-weight uses, these should be fine. You can always buy a better driver and put it in the nice formed case.

I’ve used stanley sets that are very good. However this is not one of them… Seems like generic chinese w/ stanley name slapped on it.

I think 1/2 " is listed on the second line…

I’ve bought several Stanley tools I eventually had to replace. You can buy something similar at Sears for a little bit more, but you get a no hassle lifetime warranty. I’ve taken in Craftsman screwdrivers that I found lying on the side of the road and been given a replacement. I can’t speak for sockets, because my 20-year-old set is still working fine.

I’d pass on this woot.

i think he may have ment 1/2" drive, not socket

looks like a future Christmas gift.

in case anyone out there is considering buying this set and thinking it is a socket set that can do anything - it is not.

this is a small set with a small driver (aka ratchet) and small sockets that can address any rather small-sized needs that you might have. any normal automotive work, for example, requires bigger stuff (not completely, but to a large extent). as an earlier poster mentioned, this is a “1/4 inch DRIVE” set (meaning that the fitting between the socket driver and the sockets is 1/4" on a side. this is typically the smallest size out there. moving up, you usually use 3/8" and 1/2" (and some of us have use for a 3/4" set, which weighs 40#) for more substantial work.

in other words, IMO this is a kit that will run out of uses rather quickly.

Nice Zoomed pic. It shows no innards. haha. But the case is AMAZING!!!