Toshiba 24” 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player

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Toshiba 24" 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I just want to know…which one of you was buying the last back -pack as I was hitting the “I want one,” button over and over again? May Santana hats “dance in your dreams,” tonight…

Got one for Laser Discs?!


i have a laser disc player. that sucker is old.

Woot off chicken anyone?

Might be good for a camper… a tiny camper…

Yule log video not included? :frowning:

I’d imagine that within a decade, TVs could come with enough built-in memory for every one to ship with a Yule log video built in. :slight_smile: