Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player Woot Info Post is recession proof!

Toshiba 26” LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player [New] - $299.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Toshiba 26LV61K 26” LCD HDTV with DivX Certified Built-In DVD Player

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here’s the product website

and the user manual

Failed. :frowning:

Jeez that picture looks dirty. Why the subliminal messages?

My sister has one of these in her room, good picture, the DVD player is a plus. I know she likes it!

EDIT: LOL, cinoclav, I think we posted at the same time. GG :slight_smile:

nothing but good reviews to be found on Buzzillions.

Do they play those old school VCDs? My current Toshiba DVD play can

Here’s the TD page for it with a few reviews, all positive. Looks like a winner!

Toshiba’s own shop, info on TV, etc … $499 price tag.

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At the top of the page:

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And I thought Mac was only for smart people.

2 things in one package = twice the chance of something going wrong within it… might look nicer, but I like my stuff separate.

Will this play burned dvds? or even picture cds?

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Is it 720 or 1080 or what? sold out…@ $349 on a REFURB

Anybody notice that taco pic has the hands of two people in it?


I can’t speak for this particular model, but from my experience, manufacturers often skimp on the built-in DVDs. When I worked in retail, I saw more of those come back than any other type, always because of the DVD player, not the TV.