Toshiba DVD Recorder with HD Upconversion and HDMI Cable



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Toshiba DVD Recorder with HD Upconversion and HDMI Cable
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Toshiba DKR10B DVD Recorder with HDMI Cable

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Refurbished Toshiba DVD Recorder with HD Upconversion and HDMI Cable, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Toshiba DKR10B DVD Recorder with HDMI Cable

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I have this Toshiba DVD Recorder last month, I paid $100 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE!


I would never buy another Toshiba - they don’t play DVD+R/W


Everyone always asks this, so yes, an upconverter does make videos look better especially when you use the HDMI cable.


Do you need special DVD+R discs to be able to do the upconverting?


oh HD DVD player, is this what they’ve turned you into? Stripped you of your super cheap high def greatness and forced you to slave away in standard definition. It’s a sad day…


Put out computer parts… Graphics cards… Processors


Loved the prairie dog references! From the first scene of the new Indiana Jones movie, I knew something was wrong. Those digi-dogs were an extremely poor choice.


I think W00T is watching. Mine just broke this week. Hmmmmmmm…

I wonder if they are watching?


Can you record what you are watching on tv


I just bought 2 of these for the same price brand new at wal-mart. it has been a great component and i have never had an issue with it. works great on hd & regular digital. gunna have to pass unfortunatley because i dont need a third.

its a good buy for my standards and has been very reliable with no problemos what-so-ever. (just reiterating)


Will it work with my 1971 Magnavox black and white TV with rabbit ears and aluminum foil.


Got one about 3 months ago. Worked for three days and died with DVD stuck inside. Toshiba c.s. was useless. Woot to the rescue w/ refund.


The lack of a tuner makes it almost useless for me. I have a PC to store videos and make DVDs.

Maybe the HDMI cable is worth the price?


HA … Hmmm … it could if you got one of them there analog coaxial/rca converter boxes with the A-B-C switches then duct tape the rabbit ears (take of the aluminum foil first)!


I’m assuming this is not a Region free model. If it was, I’d be all over it. Till then I need to stay with my LiteON recorder.


what is the disadvantage of not coming with a tuner?


Just read the specs, will wait for one that does. Thanks!