Touch of ECO 4-Pack Solar Outdoor Lights

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Touch of ECO 4-Pack Solar Outdoor Lights
Price: $29.99
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I cant believe you are still selling these things… THEY STINK!!! not even bright enough to be considered mood lighting…

for anyone considering them, DONT!!

These are bad. Got one last year for xmas gift. I mounted one over my stairs and while not at all bright, it was enough to not trip. However, they only work after the brightest of days and only for 3-4 months before it just refused to come on. VERY cheap build quality. The in ground solar lights at Dollar Tree/WalMart for $1 are much better built and last longer. Definitely not worth $29.99 even for a 4 pack. I’m pretty sure you will regret this purchase.

Waist of money, “POS”, bought it for my Mother in Brazil, because electric is so expensive there. I bought 4 and only one worked for 1 night and them nothing.I wish I would of tried here, I wish I could get my money back.I buy lots of thing here but this was a disappointment.

These are a waste of money. I bought these almost a year ago to use on my off grid cabin. The solar panel on top is clouded over. They will still light up for a couple of hours after sundown, but the amount of light is just about useless.

I’ve got to join the theme. I’ve had 3 of 6 fail in a few months. It is really a “moon” light - not bad for dark paths, etc. No good if they don’t work however.

Thanks, everyone, for your candid reviews about these lights.

I almost bought them, but thankfully read your comments first!

I’ve had two of them for a few months and they’re still working, But one has always been brighter than the other and the battery only lasts a few hours no matter how much sun they get that day. These would be great to find in a BOC but not pay for.

Wow, glad I read the comments. Also went back and looked at the specs closer. 30 lumens of brightness. Seriously? I think burning a simple candle instead of using this light will actually produce more light. For comparison, I have a LED light that’s a 60 watt incandescent light equivalent and it’s rated at 800 lumens.

Have to chime in on this also. Bought a few a while back and as the other stories here, they work fine for a short period of time then work intermittently, not as bright, then didn’t work at all. Also the material on top covering solar panel does cloud up probably preventing the amount of charge it can get. Do not waste your money.

I bought these and the round model earlier this year in the spring. Mounted them on the gutter of my garage at around 7 feet high and they glow enough to see around the base of the garage just fine. The round model I mounted at a much higher location (12 feet) isn’t as effective and one really has a short life (2 hours) while the others barely illuminate the area below.