TP Link Wireless Home Router

TP Link Wireless Home Router

Is this that TP everyones going crazy at the stores to try and get?

Could this work as a repeater/extender?

Not sure if it does with the native software but would definitely work if you hacked it.

I don’t believe so youd need a long cord to make it function that way

Correction: Definitely works

Specifically Mode: Range Extender Mode

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But I guess no rush to buy. Looks like this deal only saves $2 over regular Amazon price:

TP-Link N450 WiFi Router - Wireless Internet Router for Home (TL-WR940N)


This is a lower end router but yes TP link is superior to the rest IMO.


just likely not this lower end model.

In a time in which 2.5 Gigabit is coming standard on new computers and 1 Gigabit has been a norm for well over a decade already, this has … 10/100 ports.

This was my first choice in TP link routers years ago. I dealt with far less cycle rebootings that the monthly service fee version setup it replaced. Yet still had to reboot. Now, my current setup seldom needs rebooting. I just do it monthly to clear the bugs.

My current router also cost over $200 so if on a budget this is a buy.

It may be the norm in major cities. Where I live we just got 500 MBS

It’s not so much the connection to the outside world but even just locally between computers in which Gigabit would have been nice. Think NAS units.

(I live in a city with a population of 160k+, but nothing faster than 100 Mbps internet is offered in my neighborhood.)

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I ordered this, it had a July 24th delivery date, and that day came and went. Was digging around to find out what happened, went in TODAY and (finally) I see a refund listed (for today’s date) for purchase price (and again for taxed amount) but NO indication “what happened??”… Did they overbook the flight? Have some kind of delivery problem and never tried to contact me? This might be the best thing that could happen, I’ve been starting to spend waaay too much money here, and this will pretty much squelch THAT…

This was delivered. Now the guilt starts…

Quilt, I meant quilt…