Truff Hotter Sauce, 3 Pack

Truff Hotter Sauce, 3 Pack

Good stuff. Has a nice kick to it. I put Tabasco on things and don’t really think of it as spicy anymore, but Truff has a nice spice to it that you don’t get in other hot sauces, and the truffle oil doesn’t hurt. I bought it for a foodie friend, and she loved it. Picking up another for my brother-in-law.

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2 dollars an ounce. Most hot sauces are less than a dollar an ounce.

It seems like pretty much everything on the “gourmet” side failed not because they weren’t good, but because they overpriced the hell out of themselves.

So they fail, and we find them here. “Deeply discounted”, but still twice the price of other similar products. And this is why they fail.


Come on woot, I’ve never bought anything from the gourmet section cuz it’s always over $30. Why not let us buy 1 of these for a 1/3 the cost. Even for hot sauce that I’ve liked in the past I won’t need 3 bottles of it at once.


I’ve had the regular version of this sauce before. I won’t comment too much on the value, but there’s definitely a lot more depth in the sauce versus a regular hot sauce. It’s not necessarily apples to apples if you want to compare price to a regular hot sauce.

I don’t view this like I do other hot sauces. It is a different type of condiment. I have over a dozen hot sauces open right now, and I love this brand for its depth and complexity as well as its creaminess. My biggest issue concerning this potential purchase is that this sauce may be my least favorite of theirs. I’m going to make some eggs later to put this one on just to see if it’s worth it to me to buy 3 more bottles.

It has been a while since I have done anything on Gourmet Woot since it seems like the prices are usually a bit high (or more than a bit IMHO). I’m going to go for this one though since this is pretty consistently $18 a bottle on the mother ship. I just got some of the black label Truff recently and it is a great sauce. I feel like it could be hotter though so I was thinking about buying some Truff Hotter anyway. I’d rather not purchase 3 bottles but I’m pretty confident that I’ll like it so would eventually need more.

Hotter? Hotter than what, baby formula?

You’re out of your mind if you pay $12 bottle for this hipster sauce wanna-be. Original price $50? That’s insane. Basically Jalapeños, vinegar, and sugar, just like every other american commercial sauce. This is soccer mom “hot” sauce.

Does the heat overpower the truffle flavor?