Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

i got the px4 and it seems to have a problem/defect. a charge just last less than 40 minutes. please advise. thanks

Try reaching out to Turtle Beach to see if there’s any troubleshooting they can help with. Or you can email support@woot.com to see what options you have available.

isn’t turtle beach monitoring this forum?

More often than not, we don’t have any insiders in the threads. We have some vendors who are VERY active, though. This just doesn’t happen to be one of them, no.

well, i always thought that wise business listen to their customers. you know … to be on business, but i can’t be wrong. i sent an email to woot support. see what it leads. at this point i will advise to NOT buy this headsets.

is this a joke? your so called support said:


Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

Unfortunately, I do not have any replacements to send you.

Suraj D
Woot Member Services

so? no replacement and you are selling it? what piece of cr**

do i have to talk to my cc to cancel the charge?

what piece of state of art support.

is anyone from woot monitoring this?



I’m sorry for the problems and that I overlooked your post last night.

I’ll add you to my afternoon report asking CS to relook at your email.

I know this doesn’t help much but these ship directly from the vendor so we will not show them in our inventory. To the CS agent, it looked like there were no replacements.

I don’t see a Return Authorization on your order though. If they were asking for reply, please do so.

fixed the issue. just not send me tons of emails with different answers, very disorganized. is anyone there knowing what to do? do i need to post all the emails received from you here to have things to work? buyers be aware!

We bought one of these refurbished from woot and the volume button for chat won’t work. Anyone else have this problem? Were going to order another one and send this one back but just hoping its not happening to a lot of them and won’t happen to the next one. It was a Christmas gift for my son and he’s sad now that we have to send it back. Did i mention Christmas gift from Santa :frowning:

same here (santa). i got the px4 and it holds a charge less than 40 minutes.

We got the X42 headset for my son, who plays CoD and Destiny with his friends from school online. I also sneak into the living room on dark and stormy nights and play a tiny bit of World of Tanks for hours at a time all night. The headset is AWESOME! It has surround sound and sound quality that is so good, I find my self taking the headset off to make sure the living room surround system isn’t blasting, which would wake everyone in the house. There are separate volume controls for game volume (on headset) and for chat volume (on talkback wire to XBox 360 controller). There are settings for changing the angle of the surround sound speakers and even an input on the reciever unit for connecting an external audio device, in case you want to add your own music while gaming and chatting. My only complaint would be the sensitivity of the microphone: it is onmidirectional and not noise-cancelling, so it picks up the sound of the dog snoring behind me, almost 5 feet away.

The mic also mixes my voice back into the chat channel, therfore back into my ears. I wish EVERY headset had this, so I didn’t have to listen to those gamers that shout into their mic, or others that leave their mic open so I can hear their kids and wives screaming at them in some foreign language during the massive party they are throwing in their gaming hut.

In conclusion, I would definitely buy another one, if I needed it, as it allows me to better enjoy the precious few moments I spend on World of Tanks all night long, 4-6 times a week.

Note: for our Xbox 360, we had to buy an audio adaptor to get a fiber optic output in order to use the headset. It was like $13 from Turtle Beach on Amazon. There are cheaper ones, like $7-8, but I dumped the extra few bucks for the one made by the headset manufacturer anyway.

Bought 2 XP400s, One works just fine and paired easily to both transmitters. The other is unable to pair to either of the two transmitters. Looks like a dud. Emailed Turtle Beach to see what my options are…

Hi ed. I’m sorry for the problem. The ones you bought have a 90-day Woot warranty. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.