Two Quick Submission Updates

Howdy, folks! After the recent change to all non-exclusive agreements, we’ve had two questions crop up:

Acceptance Notifications

First, there’s been some confusion about Daily vs. non-Daily acceptance notification emails, and knowing which type you’ve received. A fair question! So here’s a handy-dandy helpful rule of thumb:

  • You’ll know your design was accepted as a Daily, if the subject line and email say “Daily.”
  • If the subject line/email doesn’t specifically say “Daily,” it means the design has been accepted under the new standard non-exclusive agreement (like the old F Contracts).

Beware the SPAM!

We’re getting reports that some people’s acceptance notifications are being filtered into their SPAM folders. Boo! Down with SPAM! Anyway, we suggest that you double- check your blasted spam folder, and then add “” to your safe-sender list.

  • FYI: Notification emails will show the following in the Sender line: “From: on behalf of [Staff Name]” and will then list the staff member’s email address.

Hope those clarifications help. Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions!

Hey Woot! I submitted a design a long time ago and haven’t heard back. I did miss one email that went to my spam but I did resolve that issue… The design was Toys ‘R’ Back if that helps you look it up… Thanks!

Hi there. Sorry about the delay. I reached out to the shirt team. You should have an email soon.

Ah! I had that problem! Thanks for the fix info!