A few Updates

We made some small changes to make it easier for you to submit designs. Our goal is to make it easier for you and reduce extra communication (so many e-mails!). The changes include:

  1. Updated template links on the submission pages!
  2. Updated specs for noobs (and a few of you veterans)!
  3. A complete color selection (goodbye cream, hello heathers)!
  4. No more DocuSign contracts! Simply check a box to agree to contract terms when you submit a design (hint: it’s non-exclusive)!

Here’s the deal: We want to be your first choice for selling your artwork so we upgraded the submission experience for you. Huzzah! We told our engineers this would save you (and us) about 3.8 billion emails. Now you can do more things during the initial submission like download the new templates, see updated design specs, choose the right colors, and check a box instead of waiting for a contract! Whee!

Also, going forward, all submissions (including Derby entries) will be non-exclusive. Yep. And before you lose your shirt, royalties are staying the same. Everything you need to know is outlined in the updated artist agreement.

And since we know you’re asking, all your current designs on Woot will remain as they were previously contracted. So if your design was exclusive to Woot, it still is exclusive to Woot. If it was non-exclusive, it still is. :slight_smile:

Now let’s unpack this a little bit: We are not making any changes to the Derby rules outside of the artist agreement. This means customers still expect new, never-before-seen-on-the-interwebz artwork in the Derby, but entries are now non-exclusive (check here to see whatLady5tark has to say about the Derby). So keep telling your friends to come vote for your designs in the NEW mobile-friendly Derby!I


So if they’re all non-exclusive, then are they only F-Contracts from here on out?

Correct! As mentioned, Derby entries still need to be new art, but they will no longer be locked under an exclusive contract once they launch.

Love it! Question though, derby winners still pay out the $1k daily rate though correct?

Yep! Everything, including royalties, is essentially staying the same. The only things changing are the shift to non-exclusivity, the elimination of DocuSign (hooray!), and the updated submit pages.


So no more A Contracts?

No more contracts at all. SWEET FREEDOM! Now you just check a box to agree to the Terms and Conditions when you submit a design through the standard portal OR through the derby. And those T&Cs still have the “$1000 if the design is selected as a daily” language in them. So Derby winners and regular Dailies will still work the same, but won’t receive a separate contract. Make sense?

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So are derby winners and dailies exclusive still or is literally everything going forward non exclusive?

@burnapaperzach Literally everything. All submissions are now non-exclusive. The expectation is still that things like Derby entries are “new, never-before-seen” or printed elsewhere, but they will not be under exclusive contracts. Obviously, our preference is that we have the opportunity to print the designs first, but if an artist chooses to later submit the design elsewhere, they are free to do so.

Got it. Thanks @benwyeth

This update coincides with return of the Narf…methinks some cat.shirt.woot juju was involved, eh @Narfcake?

On an unrelated note, I hope the new submission process makes it easier to enter gems like these:


The Poultytariat
Uploading: A882517C-9C7C-4F96-AFF1-F0C14AC8D32D.jpeg…

And who could forget, White Christmas!


Hey Ben. I’m lovin’ this announcement.

Is there a time limit around the release of these contracts? ie. When a shirt doesn’t win a derby, are artists then free to sub it to another site as soon as woot runs it?

@BignellArt There is not a specific time limit/requirement built into the T&C’s, but your suggested timeline sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thank you!

Looks great. My only question is, are we still going to get Congratulations emails for our submissions? I mean is there a way we will know if it’s a daily ( A contract ) or a normal non exclusive design.

I can’t wait to see what’s next!
(Not windchimes, please no windchimes)

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Thanks for laying it all out so clearly. Wow, big change.

So the advantage for Woot could be that a lot more artists will be attracted to debut their designs here. Exclusivity has scared some people away in the past, especially for runners up in the derby. Really surprised you’re letting go of your exclusive winners and dailies too, but I mean, that’s great for the artists selling print on demand. Just keep those bonuses there and everything is great. Better than great.

What date does this brave new era begin?

@mekazoo Yes, you’ll still receive notification emails!


@Spiritgreen Immediately! As mentioned above, any existing contracts/derby submissions remain under whatever contract type they began with, but from yesterday forward, all new submissions and entries will fall under the new policy. :slight_smile:


So Periodic Table of Dogs printed yesterday but it’s still exclusive because it was subbed earlier?