uNu DX or DX+ iPhone 4/4S Battery Case

**Item: **uNu DX or DX+ iPhone 4/4S Battery Case
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New

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TONS of solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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Got one of these in a BOC a while back. It fit well, and gave the phone a noticeable extra boost of power.

Lets read some more info over at the product page

Let’s read more about the warranty

I have one, and it’s worth it. The only cons are: sometimes it doesn’t fully charge in a few hours (so if I’m traveling and only have a few hours, I’ll charge it and my phone separately to be sure). Other con: as with most cases, you can’t just drop it into a stereo/dock. And it’s LEDs are very bright (they blink while it’s charging at night). But with these gripes, the increased time using the phone far outweighs problems.

I should also point out that I had a catastrophic problem with mine, but they were very professional and fast to replace my battery. Good guys there at uNu.

Hmmmm not sure if I should get one of these for my iPhone 4S or wait and upgrade to a iPhone 5. Decisions decisions (sigh)…

Worth every penny! Got three of these many woot offs ago and they are awesome! My mom, husband and I swear by them! I rarely have less than 100% power on my phone!
Just so you know, your phone plugs in this case, then the case charges with a micro USB plug. As you use battery, the case drains first, conserving your battery for last. The warranty is amazing too! None of our cases have cracked (I’ve dropped mine many times!), but my husband jacked up the micro USB port part by trying to jam it in upside down over and over and UNU replaced it no questions asked! Sent him a new case and a return label for the old one. We have the $19.99 ones. Love them! Sooooo happy they’re back! All my friends have gotten similar generic ones online and hated them (UNU was too expensive without a woot deal!). This UNU one is the one to get!!!

Just had game night with 10 friends tonight and everyone with the 5 complained they are having freezing problems and glitches they never had with the 4S! They wish they’d gotten the 4S again!

I had purchased one of these about 3 months before I started having a problem with the power plug to the case. I switched to several different cords but always the same result. I attempted to contact unu via their web site. To this day I have not gotten a response. I searched for a phone number for address provided and was hung up on by an orientsl man I did not understand. Woot claims its unus problem( which I agree)and snail mail to their address has been unanswered. Warning the headache you get from this product may be much more than it is worth! Bad product bad company.

Again with the refusal to ship to APO addresses. Thanks for hating on the military woot.

A friend got the 1700mAh one, and it stopped taking a charge within a couple of months. I don’t think there was any attempt to call the company. I prefer products that don’t NEED company/warranty activation.

One nice thing about this is that it get’s rid of the need for the damn proprietary Apple 30-pin connectors, alas, it’s 7 years too late for most of us.

Does anyone know if the micro-USB port passes data? e.g. can you sync via it, and play music out of it to things like car adaptors, etc., or do you have to remove the phone and use a 30-pin connector anyway?

Two more questions:

Does the screen cover fit both the 4 and 4s? (answered my own question, yes, here: http://www.iphoneshopusa.com/blog/iphone-4-vs-iphone-4s-difference-between-screens/)

What does this mean? “Invisible charging switch, simply touch for 2 seconds to toggle on or off”

PS: How long is the USB cable? iirc, my friend’s was so short that it was practically unusable.

My problem with it is that I STILL end up with a dead phone…albeit maybe a bit later…because you never know when the damn case is charging and ALSO goes dead!!! I’d like to be able to just turn in on WHEN the phone battery is dead…am I doing something wrong??

When you place your phone in the case, the phone automatically begins charging…you can tell by the battery indicator on your phone. I turn the case off, there is a button you press and hold a few seconds on the back of the case and the battery indicator light on your phone will indicate the phone is no longer charging. I leave the case turned off until my phone battery gets down to about 30% and then switch it on. I love it, usually gives me another 6 hours.

“Invisible charging switch, simply touch for 2 seconds to toggle on or off”…there is a small button on the back of the case you press for about 2 seconds to turn the case on/off.
The usb cord is probably about 3 ft…maybe. I always just charge the case overnight, but the charging light is quite bright, so be sure to sit that end of the case against the table/floor.

Which one do you want? I’ll order it and send it to you. I’ve been there.

The Micro-USB does transfer the info… you do not need to remove it from the case

Yep it works just the same I synch to iTunes with the phone still in the case