Upon Closer Inspection…

Wow! This was a surprise!


Hmm… I don’t really like “cute designs”, but I might possibly buy this!

Also, since when did penguins eat popsicles?

Congrats on the print! This reminds me of the millitant penguins from a certain CGI movie. Not a bad thing in my book. :slight_smile:

mystery solved? haha

In for one for the kids. Their grandmother is a Scotland freak.

I see three penguins but why are there only two beds?

Who is the poor fellow who has to stay up each night or do they rotate?

So, ***, we meet again.

(Sorry, just had to ;p)

Great design, bad color.

They must rotate. It’s the submarine way.

Speaking of which, puffins would have been better for accuracy and subtlety thereof.

that is just awesome!!!

we have had faux penguins (rabbit-penguin?), pilot-hopeful penguins, and now killer penguins.

“Flightless one-niner-one, this is Tuxedo seven-oh-three in Seal six-five. We’ve got the target in site, and we’re locked and loaded.”

I am curious as to what those bullets they’re shooting are made of. Fish sticks, maybe?

Based on the pantry (and stove top) I have determined secret agent penguins enjoy pizza (peperoni, apparently not anchovies), bananas, popsicles (orange flavor?) and generic looking fish.

I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I’m at the zoo…

Congrats Keith! I knew it was yours right away and love your style. So many fun details and I love the colors you used. Makes me laugh also which is a plus ;-).

Now, what’d be really funny is if those penguins are robots controlled by (mice? birds? cats?) like one of those overrated China dolls. (forget what they’re called, but they seem to have no point…)

I think it’s regular machine gun rounds. I do, however, love how the gunnery has goggles. They are, of course, completely unnecessary since he is inside and penguins are quite capable of seeing underwater normally. The extra level of protection, however, is why he is up there and not in the bottom burning logs of wood.

Not all penguins are spies, you know. Maybe the ones at the zoo are just fat old retirees and that’s their retirement home. Though, there might just be a deep-undercover secret agent…

oh lol i get it lochness is penguin lol

Wouldn’t buy this shirt if I had a gun to my head.

(Sorry, no offense. I just can’t stand to see them stuffed in there. I hope they’re not claustrophobic.)

OMG I just realized they write something in black above the big white title thing that’s written in white!

edit Yes, I realize this gives you all full license to make fun of me, and;

WHY do they filter O M G into Oi! Mosh good!