Vintage Vac Motorized Vacuum Seal Wine Saver – 2 Pack

these really suck…to wine bottles

Wow. For the first time, I was the first “sucker” to buy a woot product after it was posted! Usually I wait for reviews, but this seemed like a good deal and I have been looking for something like this. (Can’t finish a whole bottle right away every time!)

Shouldn’t this be a wine woot item???

Was going to say the same thing.

Would these work to keep carbonation in bottles of pop? I suppose the screw top on pop wouldn’t be compatible. but thought I’d ask.

I’m sure we have wine drinkers that don’t shop on wine.woot for whatever reason.


These things are great, works well on other bottles too, like whiskey. Just doesn’t work well on soda, all ways makes it flat =)

That’s great! Thank you! I’ll keep one for my wine and give one to my fiance for his whiskey then. :slight_smile:

These are a different item, aren’t they? No digital temp readout on the woot one… Then again, it’s almost 4am, my eyes could be fooling me…

It can be found for a buck less

4" long and looks like a good 3" of that extends above the top of the bottle. That could require some creative storage techniques.

I don’t think they would use this… empty bottles don’t need to be vacuum sealed.

“An LED indicator light also alerts you to when air is leaving the bottle, causing the flavor to deteriorate”

Nice… so when the LED is lit up, that indicates that the flavor is being caused to deteriorate? So this would be good for those wines with too much flavor, and fix the problem.

No, you don’t want to do that to bottles of carbonated beverage. If anything you’d want the opposite. To increase the pressure in the bottle and keep the fizzy goodness from bubbling out.

Too bad we can’t “vote to make a ‘deal’ go away”
to make room for the next one. Talk about bringing it to a standstill