Vizio 22” 1080p LCD HDTV

Woot is all LCDs and routers these days…

Would buy but my entire woot off budget is only 200…

My Computer monitor is bigger than this. But not bad price, I guess. Next.

This stuff is going too fast. I’m mad I missed that Razer Keyboard!!!

Ok getting closer. I need a 24" or 26" tv for one room, and a 40" inch for another. Can you help me out woot?

I have a similar unit. The fact that the VIZIO logo stays lit even when the TV is off is highly annoying. Don’t know if this one is the same…

Almost bit this one

double dueces

I know. I kind of wanted to buy one of those too… but by the time I made a blog comment it was sold out >_<

same with me on the watch

I’d use tape to cover it…power consumption sucks but I guess you could open it up and disable the light.

does one really need 1080p on a 22"? either way i wont go back to 60hrtz… I REFUSE!