VIZIO 38" SmartCast Sound Bar w/Subwoofer

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VIZIO 38" SmartCast Sound Bar w/Subwoofer
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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This is good if it stays alive. Mine spontaneously died a couple of months after purchase.

got one of these last year and the difference in sound was great! If your TV’s sound is OK, this will make it sound great!

Good reviews on Amazon

I’m really sorry to hear that! Was it still under warranty? Did you contact Customer Service?

Does this soundbar receive audio via bluetooth from a computer?

I have a Chromebox hooked up to a projector behind my couch and right now, I have a crappy bluetooth receiver/converter hooked up to a super old stereo system under the wall where the image appears from the projector. I’d like to get rid of the old stereo system and crappy bluetooth receiver/converter because it’s massive and frequently loses connection.

Would this work with the Chromebox?

Will this play nice with a Samsung 4k smart tv? I’ve heard Samsung can sometimes have issues with off brand sound bars. Thanks for any answers.

Works fine with my 55" Samsung 4k. Only con we found with it is that you cannot fine tune the volume up and down- the gaps between numbered levels are kinda wide.

I have the next up with the two rear speakers, and the wireless sub and 38" sound bar, like this set. The sound bar connects to my TV with optical Toslink fiber connector. The idea is for the sound to come from up front. I can’t comment on connecting via Bluetooth for the main TV audio, but yes, you can easily connect any Bluetooth vice to “cast” audio to it. Does your projected have Bluetooth to use? If so you’re set. Mine will. Great system. I have a Visio M-series 65" ultra 4k that mates with it automatically and can learn one remote as well as downloading an app to use a smartphone as remoter.