VIZIO 40" Smartcast 5.1 Soundbar System

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VIZIO 40" Smartcast 5.1 Soundbar System
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I have this system and it great for the price. Upgrading the firmware was rough, but to be fair I got one of these right when they were released last year. It works works well, sounds pretty good, and has built in chromecast audio. I fully recommend putting the subwoofer under your couch for a rumbley movie theater experience.

Are the small speakers wireless?

I don’t own the thing but from reading the reviews, the answer is: technically no. They wired connect to the subwoofer, which is wireless itself except the plug. So it goes sound bar > wired connections to tv and power, then subwoofer > wired connections to rear speakers and power, then sound bar and subwoofer (connected to rear speakers) connect wirelessly.

While I’m at it, I should mention the amazon reviews seem to regularly complain about low volumes from the rear speakers, and that, depending on the placement of the subwoofer, there is some amount of lag between the sound coming from the TV, sound bar, and subwoofer. In some cases the subwoofer and rear speakers cut out entirely. Again, this depends on the subwoofer placement and if there are any major objects that interrupt the wireless connection to the sound bar.


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Buyer is in a happy mood and singing songs with the birdies. She’s gone and lowered the price of this item just for y’all.

Buy ALL the sound systems!

If you already purchased, that difference will jump back into your pockets soonish.

The small satellite speakers are wired to the subwoofer. :slight_smile:

the sound bar has multiple inputs. we found that standard Optical from Vizio TV (M55-D0) to Vizio sound bar was all that was needed.
aside from manually disabling local speakers on TV. This requires you to connect to TV using APP. I could not figure a way to update advanced prefs using the included “dumb” TV remote.
I do appreciate the insight on the firmware updates.