Vornado QUBE50 Air Purifier for Home

Vornado QUBE50 Air Purifier for Home

Why is checkout saying this can’t ship to California? I’m not seeing any info on the item about that

I’ll ask them to add that to the shipping note. Probably something with Prop 65. Amazon doesn’t ship it either.

Yes, but can you send all the Californians in central Texas back to California?
Or are they too excluded by prop 65?

Thank you, appreciate the info.

It’s because they emit ozone.

It doesn’t say anything (although I’ve been known to miss stuff) about an ozone generator. Not even a hint. Are you sure because that really makes a difference to me.

Woot writers blew it. They should have advertised this as ‘Banned in California’ with a picture of Gov Newsom hitting it with a sledge hammer.

I for one am disappointed that the ozone that might be produced is from the fan motor and not a true ozone generator. Why would this thing be worse than the fans in ACs, vacuums, furnaces, computers, or just plain fans?

The filters seem to cost $30.


I recommend reading up on California’s Air Cleaner Regulation (AB 2276) from arb.ca.gov.

Newsom wasn’t governor until 2019.

California’s Air Cleaner Regulation (AB 2276) passed in 2008?