Winix C545 4-Stage Wifi Air Purifier

Winix C545 4-Stage Wifi Air Purifier

Cannot be shipped to California!? WTF Woot! Why isn’t this noted in the item description?


I’ve bought one each on two previous woots.

Good: Definitely effective, my sinuses feel much better, manual controls work fine. Fortunately, you do not need the app to run this - I don’t see the point in remotely controlling an air filter with 3 buttons anyhow.

Sad: The ozone generator comes on automatically, I have to remember to shut that off each time I power it on.

Funny: There is a bright bar on top to show air quality, glows blue for good, orange for troubled, red for bad. It stayed blue all day, so I figured that it was more gimmick than feature. Then, after dinner, I passed gas, a tiny squeek. The indicator turned yellow, then red, and eventually went blue again. We tested it a few more times - 19 seconds from release to reaction. I guess the air quality sensor works, good to know.


It’s on the list of California certified air cleaners. It should be able to be shipped there.


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You might want to look into this if it’s not shipping to California. As I noted, it’s on California‘s list of approved air cleaners, page 408.


I bought this exact one last time, went to buy again and now says cant ship to CA??? wtf?

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Hmm, I wonder what this is about? I purchased 2 of these from the big C warehouse store back in April and was thinking of a few more for other rooms. They work great.

Have we ever found a reasonably priced source on replacement filters for this? And has anyone worked out the issues with the wifi connectivity?

I recently bought two third party replacement filters (search for winix type s) on Amazon. They were $20 each and came with 4 charcoal filters as well. Was happy with them.

Why can’t it ship to California?!?! I bought 2 of the exact same model from Costco in ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA! I paid $100 each there though, so I thought this would be a great deal. Ridiculous!

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I bought one previously and I wish I had not. My other brand air cleaners have thick charcoal filters filled with granules. Those are real charcoal filters. The Winix has a black piece of paper that is useless during wildfire season. Avoid Winix and buy a real filter.

Looking at the sales map it seems everyone’s shipping to Oregon and Washington if they can’t get it shipped to California :blush:

dude vary up your review I feel like I’ve seen this exact post every time this comes up on woot, and now I’m doubting its authenticity

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The fart sensor is awesome! I have one too and it was a great opportunity to make fun of my friend when it turned itself up a few seconds after she farted. Now I go stand near it when I fart just so I can see how long I can make it stay in the red zone.

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Hi guys, we have a report of restricted products and this is on it for California. Sorry.

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I believe Ozone generators are not allowed in California. For those that have purchased them before, did it have the ozone feature? Here’s a state of CA link: Hazardous Ozone-Generating Air Purifiers | California Air Resources Board

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Bought 2 first was missing hepa filter 2nd had super loud clicking fan noise… Contacted woot both times said got to pay to return ship wth? Then said contact winix if i wont pay to return. Winix wanted proof i bought then would fix my issue so sent receipt then tell me they wont help now and was rude how they talked to me from start. It ships from winix too so they screwed up. I wont touch woot now returns a money pit and winix support is a scummy joke been warned many had issues in past do research or gamble get 99 new 2 hepa from cost co.


Hi there. We see your purchases from last summer but we can’t find a contact from you. CS searched by email, order numbers, and username. Go ahead and reach out to them. They’ll have some options for you.

It’s best to user the support form. You do need to contact them from the email address on your Woot! account. Not your Amazon login if used/different.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.


This unit is on the list of approved Air Purifiers by CARB in California.