Winix C545 4-Stage Wifi Air Purifier

Winix C545 4-Stage Wifi Air Purifier

Again another item that you won’t ship to CA but is carried at stores here.

That’s Woot! for ya!

Have it shipped to Hawaii fly there pick it up with a friends address and just take a sail boat from Hawaii to Cali? Seems pretty simple to me


Air purifier cartridge is high capacity, also exhaust doesn’t meet CA emission standards. Advise you use a wet shirt wrapped around a coffee strainer instead.


We had a power outage in the middle of the night; the next morning everything in the house was fine except this piece of crap. Multiple reviews / complaints indicate similar issues.

“We don’t fix refurbs” - Winix’s tech support

Wi-Fi connectivity (and lack thereof) is also a known issue.


Costco always has good deals on these and includes more filters. They currently have the filters on sale too.

I bought two from Woot as I don’t have a Costco membership or one I would drive to. They both came great and my parents seem to love them.

Ordered mine from WOOT and love it! Have had it about 2 mos. now no issues.

Yeah, it’s cheaper to buy brand new from Costco than to buy refurbished and then buy more filters. I figured that out too late, o well. Mine is working great!


The carbon filter in these purifiers is a joke. Just a thin sheet of paper. Oregon purifiers use a thick filter filled with granules.

It looks like the model is CARB certified, so why won’t it ship to CA?

I just ordered two of these. It’s refurbished, but I’ve had good success with refurbished products on Woot. Says it comes with a year’s supply of new filters like brand new units.

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Exactly. And buying new from Costco, you can return it at any time… generating another refurb unit for Woot to sell in the future!


I just looked up California air cleaner regulation requirements, and the C545 air cleaner is listed as aproved…List of CARB-Certified Air Cleaning Devices | California Air Resources Board …so woot doesn’t have correct information on this unit

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I’ve purchased 2 of this exact item from my local Costo store here in CA but for some reason Woot can’t sell them in CA? This is WRONG and seems illegal to me. But what do I know, I’m just a consumer who buys the same items here in CA that we can’t get a discount on from Woot/ Amazon.

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I just looked it up …it is approved in California since 2019… link… and use search for C545 and was approved in 2019, so don’t know why can’t ship to California.

Wendel Jahn

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Lots of comments about buying at Costco. You can’t buy something if they have no stock. Costco hasn’t had these in at least 2 months.
Likely won’t either due to the port issue garbage.

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Have one in the bedroom, like it, frequently think about buying another for the living room.

WiFi works fine. Smart app works fine. Schedules are stored on the purifier and do not require ongoing internet connection. (I don’t know how bad the clock drift is over time, so don’t blame me if you buy this to stick someplace with no internet and suddenly your 8 am schedule is popping off at 3 am.)

Alexa support… works. For about a month at a time. Because Winix’s dev team is bad and silly and Alexa’s authorization has an inexplicably short expiration.

Stupidest feature: every light turns off in sleep mode except the bright white WiFi indicator.

Buy for filtering air: Yes
Buy for Alexa: No

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Multiple of our local Costco locations have at least a pallet of them. And yes, they sell out… but then soon return to stock. Where did you think Woot was getting this Costco only model of “refurbs”?

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Bought one from Costco at the beginning of the pandemic and one from Woot a month later after all were sold out at Costco. No issues both still running. Definitely a better deal at Costco because of the extra filter when it is on sale and in stock. Don’t use the Wi-Fi so can’t comment on it.

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