Wallace 45pc Flatware Set - 2 Patterns

Brand any good?

No clue…I wonder if they are made in China too. If made any place other than USA or Japan? no good.

I don’t have specifics on the brand quality but the company has been around since the 1800s and their flatware is carried in all the major stores.

Wallace Site

Wallace is dead reliable. Their sterling patterns are some of the classics - lots of sorority girls dream of a service for 12 in Grande Baroque.

What’s weird to me is that I’m pretty sure Continental Classic isn’t 18/10 but rather 18/0, meaning it’s more scratch-prone than 18/10 alloys. I’ll take a pass.

Nope, these are 18/10. You can look around for this set elsewhere and it will say 18/10. (Overstock’s page is screwed up as it says both. Other say 18/10.)

Three pretty reasonable etailers that I’ve bought from for years have some confusion on this:

http://www.silversuperstore.com/wallace/stainless_steel_flatware/continental_classic_silverware.html says 18/0 as does:


http://www.replacements.com/webquote/WASCOCL.htm has it as 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0

It’s entirely possible that when they moved production to China, they reformulated the alloy - Reed and Barton (part of the same company, Lifetime Brands) has pulled this stunt.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when it comes to pots, pans, knives, and silverware, I have to hold it in my hand before I decide to buy. I’m really, really picky about weight distribution. They have to feel “right” in my hands.

Please don’t interpret this as making a judgment call on this set- I don’t own it and I’ve never held it. Perhaps someone else as picky as I who also owns them can chime in.

Look specifically for the 45-piece set:


I will email and ask for absolute verification in the morning though to alleviate any concerns.

There’s precisely one brand of domestic stainless steel flatware now: http://www.sherrillmfg.com/ - that’s a former Oneida factory they’ve bought and restarted. Some of the German brands are also pretty good (even if they’re sourcing some of their stuff in Korea, for example).

How’s durable are these? Is this meant as a more formal set or is it OK for daily use. With kids around the spoons always seem to end up getting bent…

Notice that the one review on Macy’s site is complaining that they are 18/0 and are being returned.

[MOD: There are NO reviews on the product link that I posted.]

My COusin has these and they are very nice and feel “heavy” I hate the ones that feel like an IHOP-mass produced fancy fast food cholesterol shovel :slight_smile: I know sh eis proud of hers and registered for her wedding for them… didn’t know they 18/10 - pfffff what an amateur lol JK

My husband bought a ‘deep discounted’ set from Macy’s (not this one) and it turned out to be 18/0 crap. Only lasted a year before the knives started to get stained and corroded. Also, the spoons couldn’t hold up to ice cream (not serving it up - eating it!). Most of the forks have bent tines. Never Again! TT, get your confirmation on this, please!

I have no need of this set, though, because I bought the Ricci set on the last woot-off. So happy with them. Obviously much better quality.

Just heard from the buyer. Both sets are sitting on her desk at the office. She confirms that they are 18/10.

She will get a photo of the box when she gets to the office.

So Thunder: Where ARE these actually made?

We’ve added a photo of the back of the Classic box showing that it is 18/10. This box is sitting on the buyer’s desk.

They are made in China.

Wallace Silversmiths Company used to be in my hometown. My father worked there for 40 years then retired. The founded in the 1800’s version of Wallaces no longer exists. As far as I know all US manufacturing was offshored years ago.

to MOD (ThunderThighs): the review was on the other pattern, not the one you linked to.

Can we get the back of the other box?

Wallace lists the hammered set as 18/10


No data on their classic product page