Watch Yourself

Unintentionally hilarious description of this watch company. I bought one because it was $30 for a cool looking watch.

Any watch that “Retails” for $795 and is then sold on woot for <$30… it NEVER retailed for $795. That’s like getting a Tag Heuer Carrera for $300. (sell for $3200)… Actually… That’s a deal I would make right now.

I would like one if someone backs out of their purchase.

After comparing these watches to those on the manufacturers’ websites, I’m fairly confident that these are fakes.

We aren’t in the business of selling fakes.

How can the Bernoulli watches be real? Neither of the models listed on Woot are actually listed on the Bernoulli website, and a quick Google search will show that the “Electra” is being sold for $20 on eBay.

Edit: And one of the sites that shows up on the first Google page has been shut down for selling counterfeit Ray-Bans. I wouldn’t be overly confident buying one of these.

I am a representative of Bonheur West, the distributor of Bernoulli. These are not fake Bernoulli’s.
If you need verification, please contact us at
We are very happy to assist you with your inquiries.

I’ll sell you mine! gunmetal color. My brother didn’t like it as his birthday gift