Watches For Men

$700 watches for $40 hum not sure i trust that.

Not bad… Now if they will give those Rolex watches under Accesories & Watches the same kind of Out of Biz/Everything must Go discount.

Was hoping for a Romex.

No name quartz watches with MSRPs of $1200? I don’t think so. These watches aren’t worth much, if any, more than what they’re selling for. As long as you recognize that, you probably won’t be disappointed.

How come there is never a pocket watch featured…would be in for one

“Metal case
Quartz movement
Made in Japan”

Betcha the movement is made in Japan, not the whole watch!

I’ll pass but thank you.

I just ordered the one with blue numbers, this same watch is listed on Amazon for $639.00. Is this a deal or not?

1300 on amazon with no reviews… how is this only 90 now?

Watch company MSRPs are jokes. Same with jewelry. Both these industries inflate their prices to ridiculous degrees. Especially the ones that sell online, but it’s true about high end stuff you never see online, like brand new Rolexes.

Is it a deal? Woot watches tend to look like deals to me, with a few brand exceptions. I generally feel their watches are something like 30%-70% lower than you’d find them at a Target or Macy’s. These ones all look like pretty decent values to me, if you like the styling.

$1300 MSRP and Woot selling for $90.

I want whoever made this deal to come with me to the car dealership next time. $70K Corvette Stringray for $5000 sounds good to me.

Watch company MSRPs are jokes. Same with jewelry.

The Amazon price is what they are selling the watch for not the MSRP.

Never believe any MSRP on any watch. They never sell for that price… ever.

That said - if the movement is Japanese I would not hold that against the watch. Japanese movements (Citizen has Miyota, Seiko has Hattori, Orient has their own in-house mvt) are known to be quite accurate and of very good quality.

My guess though, is that the Rousseau watch is worth no more that 40 bucks.

The Chill watches are only more than 40 bucks because you are paying for a SS bracelet.

Pass on these unless you just want color on your arm for looks.

I refuse to by a watch with ridiculous MSRP… what the *** do they take people for??? do they think we’re dumbells?

price it fairly and then discount it a bit, and sold. but this? no way.

The term we have used for the knockoff watches in China is “Folex” as in Fake Rolex.

Same here. I have a few that I like but need a bit of work. I’d love to snag a new one.

Regarding the chill watches, take a look at this company’s website ( It is actually listed for $1,249! The company seems quite legit as well so this appears quite a steal (and a tad confusing).

Its very hard to find a watch company that doesn’t do this. Almost every major watch company does this aside from the very low end (under $50) and the super high end (over $1000), and even quite a few of those do it.

Some of these appear to be divers but there is NO listing in the description or specs of a bezel function or lack thereof.

I’ve asked before and I’m asking again, PLEASE include this information with diver style watches.