Wellington 2003 Cuvee R Syrah 3-Pack

Wellington 2003 Cuveé R Syrah 3-Pack
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product(s):3 Wellington 2003 Cuveé R Syrah

CT link above (avg. price on CT is $15+)

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Here’s to overdrawing my account!

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Peter Wellington’s Winemaker Review (from Feb '07)

twice in a row, damn ssh!

WOOT! Love Syrah and this is much more in my price range! Are we getting lab rattage on these? I doubt it but it sure would be nice! :smiley:

Now, now that is shh…

I’m only buying screw tops or wine from a box these days.

I’d be very surprised if the CT prices came from anywhere other than the previous appearance on w00t, when $15 would have been an ave. price per bottle for the four different wines

In for 1. I went in for 2 on the others, and this is a triple. Good stuff, but I have to save my $ for more woots (and a Hotel in Chicago). I am also now officially at my woot limit of 200 total bottles purchased (though fully 1/8 of those remain outstanding, some being futures). I have a long and cirrhotic weekend ahead of me if I want to buy on Sunday (come on chardonnay 4-pack! No hagafen!)

The woot that just sold out was a tad out of my price range… This is more like it, and all yous guy’s comments were really making me itch to try a Wellington! Cheers!

Yes, that’s most certainly the case and not likely to be respective of ‘retail.’ This looks to be a better bargain than the previous woot.

The answer is D!!!

labROUS disclaimer: For anyone out there who is not fully aware of this, labROUS is an alternative identity I, Peter Wellington, use for reviewing wines on this site. I will stick to my descriptive style, but I want everyone to know that this is NOT a third party review of these wines.

2003 Syrah, Cuveé R     Winemaker’s tasting notes, Feb. 27, 2008

Color: Dark, slightly purplish red. Aroma: Closed at first, with simple grape and blackberry fruit and a floral (violets) note at first. Different aromas develop with time and aeration – gamy/smoky, bacon fat, chocolate, cassis (black currant), coffee, clove, dusty/earthy, iodine, black cherry, white pepper, sandalwood, mint. During the first few minutes the fruit aromas fade and are dominated by spice aromas, but after a half hour or so the wine really starts to open up. Palate: Initially, fairly full entry with bright acid, somewhat chewy tannins and muted flavors. Medium weight, slightly astringent, thins a bit on the finish. After 30 minutes the flavors blossom, with black cherry, cassis and that spicy, gamy Syrah je-ne-sais-quoi. Style: This leans a bit more to the Northern Rhone than to the California fruit bomb type. This wine would be a good one for that decanter you got from Woot. For those inclined to cellar wines, it should develop richness and complexity with age.
This wine was a one-time deal. It was sourced primarily from vineyards we used in our 2001 and 2002 Reserve Syrahs. Don’t be misled by the bargain price; this is no simple quaffer and is probably best enjoyed with a hearty meal. I think it will actually outlive the 2002 Reserve.

Addenda: Possibly better after being open a day, and I don’t say that ofyen. At this price there wouldn’t be much risk in cellaring for a few years, and you might end up with a very special wine. I’m definitely holding more than I do of most of our Syrahs.

I never had any chance of resisting this, so I didn’t even bother trying…

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I don’t have my tasting notes on hand, but I would like to say that this wine was very good last time it was offered. I think its a trend that Wellingtons tend to taste much better with some decanting and I believe this did as well.

I will have to pass cause I can’t afford 2 offers in a week, but I encourage others who can spare the cash to go ahead and jump on on this.

On another note; this originally cost $15, but seeing as how it is aged a year more has the price increased? Is there any reasonable way to ascertain the current cost (if not value) of a bottle of this?

Looking forward to a “Wellington Weekend” with the last 3 offerings! Now to plan a menu…

Thank you Peter, for your excellent hospitality and wines!

No doubt about it. Thank you, w00t community. Gee, maybe I should be logged on as someone else. Damn DID done did it!

Considering three bottles shipped to me in NO. CA would be over a hundred bucks…

a damn good deal indeed…