What do we want, more cheap stuff!


Dear woot,

I think a great way to improve your sales and not have unsold stuff lying around your warehouse is to realize an import trait that a large majority of your costormers share. We are poor. We come to you for discounts on our basic luxury needs. I think if you got less of the stuff over 300 bucks (unless it is a really good deal), and sold more stuff for under 51 bucks, you would sell out more often. This is just somthing i have noticed. I probably am worng, but hey fellow wooters, post your opinoin of whether woot should sell more stuff for under 100 bucks or if you like the high end stuff. You may also disagree with me that you are poor.


I’m not being a smart alec, but what’s a lugery? Is it misspelled or is it another computer term I’ve never heard of?


My guess is “luxury.”


So we’re here for “basic” luxuries? Isn’t that an oxymoron?


thats the point, and yes, luxury is what i meant.


Give me an example.


My point is that i think the cheaper stuff like the 10 dollar mouse goes fast. WE do not need it, so it is a luxury, but because it is a good price we get it and because those wired mouses are just so bad, we need a wireless mouse so it is a basic luxury.


I see. I think. Maybe. In other words, it’s an item you need but you don’t need that good of one?


I always need what I don’t need . . .


Maybe woot should sell those cats they hadf a few woots ago. I have always wanted a cat shipped to me fedex ground.


Do you also realize we can thank woot for a new noun, a woot


Woot: (woot) Noun: an amazingly cheap item sold at woot.com.

In a sentence: Last week’s woot was amazing.


Just hope it doesn’t sit on a truck over the weekend. Eeeeewwwww, that package could be too stanky when it arrived! [:S]


i don’t think woot is a verb in that example… but we certainly have been using it as a verb…

I wooted the night away.

this is a lot like saying that we google stuff… taking a noun and making it into a verb… i’ll bet there’s a word for that…

<edit> now i look at the post and see noun… for some reason the first time i read “noun” as “verb”…


It was always noun, you are just crazy and have been using cat nip.


i am not a crook! i mean cat!


of course u rn’t


Woot has now become a verb.
as in,
to Woot.
I wooted last night.
I need to woot tonight.


It is both a noun and a verb and possible and adjective

This ice crema is wootacular


Was it so good that you crema’d your pants?


How could u even think it wasn’t. I made so much crema in my pants.