Ok so….the monkey chats have been subpar at best…but now you guys are cheeping out on the email monkeys?
Bring back the plush monkeys!!! Animated monkeys suck!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it on. There’s also a feedback form on Woot.com in the menu under your avatar.


I would like to leave feedback that the Monkey Chats are great and I look forward to reading them every day. They’re the kind of ridiculously stupid I need more of in my life. I don’t care was the monkeys look like, I just want me some Monkey Chat.


Oh! I totally agree……I need my daily dose of stupid funny too but recently they have not been up to their original standards….it was because of the original chats i started sharing with others and they loved it….now it’s just like bleh!..it’s like the writer/writers aren’t even trying anymore….

I agree, I would look forward to reading the daily monkey chat because they were funny, but lately they’ve just been sad. The writers need a refresh!

Monkey “chats?”

Do you mean “crates”?

Yeah definitely “crates”
The monkey crates have been sad….not nearly enough monkey shoved in the crates :man_facepalming::rofl:

Our dog is protesting the monkey chats as well….she prefers stuffed monkeys over animated!


More protest documents……


Everyone has different tastes, obviously, but the writer has to come up with a silly chat for every single day of the year. That can’t be easy and some are going to be better than others.

To those who are complaining – could you do any better? And could you keep that up 365 days a year?

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Yes I could……are you part of the hiring and firing team?

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Why are you so offended by someone else’s opinion, are you the one writing them?

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Nope, I don’t work for Woot. I just appreciate the work that goes until this stuff and how difficult it must be to write things that appeal to people, especially if they’ve been doing it a long time. There are only so many ideas, after all, and not everyone is going to appreciate the same kinds of humor.

I hope you aren’t suggesting the current writer should be fired. I can see suggesting ways to improve the current chats but firing is a step too far, in my opinion.

I’m not offended. As I said before, everyone has their own tastes. And, no, I don’t write the chats. I don’t work for Woot, nor have I ever worked for Woot.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


I have to agree that the plush monkeys were more appealing. They were cute and you could almost feel their personalities. The new cartoon one’s don’t have the same energy and look ridiculous.


I agree!:blush:

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Totally agree :+1::blush:

Maybe not fired, sounds like the writer needs to rekindle their inner chimp…they could embark on a monkey mission similar to the works of Jane Goodall…they could witness and document the hilarity of wild chimps and bring that humor back to Woot…poopy fingers and all!

110% The new monkey chat makes me want to unsubscribe. Bring back the REAL (plush toy) Monte and Mortimer. I’ve been a subscriber for many years, and the monkey chat is the reason. The new cartoon look absolutely kills the humor. Sorry that this isn’t a clever, pithy, humorous post that is fitting for Woot, but the monkey chat is serious business. Please go back to the original format ASAP. I’m close to unsubscribing.

Amen to that!!

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No monkey chat today?….
What does this mean……???
Hopefully preparation for the return of plush monkeys!

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