Whistler 1770A Radar Detector


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Whistler 1770A Radar Detector
You can’t drive 55
$49.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

The prying eyes of today’s electronic surveillance equipment can make things a tad uncomfortable for someone with your unusual habits. Whistler’s 1779 Laser/Radar Detector picks up all radar signals, along with NOAA weather reports. It relays this vital information via text and spoken audio messages. Best of all, if anyone tries to use VG-2 radar to detect your radar detector, this unit will alert you promptly. A brilliant turnabout: detect the detector detectors before they detect you! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Model: DE-1770 (aka 1770a)
Condition: New, retail
NOAA Weather Radio: receives all seven of the NWR radio channels. No Cinemax, though.
High Visibility Text Display: provides over 60 easy-to-read messages. We call it “Chicken Soup for the Chronic Scofflaw’s Soul.”
All Band Protection: detects all radar, laser and safety radar systems including the Safety Warning System.
Selectable All Band: user can delete one or all of the laser/radar bands.
Easy-to-Understand Real Voice: this gently soothing voice will lead a chilling Hal-style takeover of your radar detector, your car, and ultimately your life.
360° Total Perimeter Protection: detects signals wherever they come from.
VG-2 Cloaking Technology: alerts you to the presence of VG-2 police surveillance.
Vehicle Battery Saver: automatically shuts off your detector if you forget.
Laser wavelength: 905 +/- 10 nanometers
Radar frequencies: 10.5 – 10.55 GHz (X-band), 24.05 – 24.25 (K Band), 33.4 – 36 GHz (Ka Superwideband) NOAA frequencies: 162

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