Whistler Cordless Radar & Laser Detector

Agreed. I have an Escort Passport that almost always warns of radar far in advance of visual range. I can’t speak for this Whistler’s range, but even most cheap radar detectors can save you from a very expensive ticket. I had an old Cobra that did just fine before it died.

Now if a cop is using laser, that ups the ante. I’m not sure much can help you in THAT instance.

How to beat photo radar:

They can only send you a ticket if the driver of the vehicle’s face matches the DL photo of the vehicle’s registered owner. That means gender must match. Beat photo radar by registering the car the husband drives under the wife’s name and vice-versa. If either trips a photo radar, the gender of the driver won’t match the registered owner so no ticket will be mailed.

To be honest guys, this model is 4 years old…
Would you buy a 4 year old computer?
Would you buy a 4 year old cell phone?
Would you buy a Playstation 2 right now?
Would you still love your wife after 4 years?

there is definitely more than 1 radar detector with 360 coverage. i street race and ahve a cobra XRS 9745 that works very well. granted it’s pricey, but not nearly as pricey as my car so i’d rather pay for a good radar detector than have my car taken away.

however, this radar detector will do its job and protect. not too bad for a good price. i’d say go for it.

Radar detecter laws for 50 states. Part 1 & Part 2.

P:S plz see yr state laws for most recent updates.


and yes, i’d still buy a playstation 2.

For wooters in areas with wealthy/up-to-date police forces, beware of laser guns. They are NOT detectable prior to you being directly targeted by a police officer. In other words, if you are speeding when it detects laser, you are getting pulled over. So if you drive like me, this unit is less of a laser detector and more of a ticket notification device. For radar, this particular detector will give you mediocre performance. As a general recommendation from someone who has spent plenty on both tickets and detectors, avoid cordless, and be willing to spend more than $50.

EDIT: This one is four years old? As katsuki was saying, this is outdated technology. I would not recommend this at all.

it says directly in the woot description of features that it has 360 total perimeter protection…


Manufacturers say a lot of things to sell their products. Don’t believe everything you read.

Phoenix area news reports on legal challenges to photo radar that is all over the place here. One clown in Scottsdale has been flashed >37 times and has never paid a ticket because he wears a monkey mask while he drives. The burden of proof is on the sheriff’s dept- they have to prove that the registered owner is the driver which they normally do by matching the face in the photo to the DL photo database. No match, no valid ticket.


bought a whistler off woot awhile ago, saved me 4-5 times in an hour… definitely worth the money/jail time (or lack there of) for one of these… plus my first whistler said “laser” in a very sexy voice…

Explain to me how it will detect a full 360 degrees if there is only 1 horn (the sensor), and it is on the front of the detector.

You stated no facts in your argument. Explain to me how it will detect a full 360 degrees if there is only 1 horn (the sensor), and it is on the front of the detector. How will that detect 360 degrees?

Also, cobras are not good radar detectors.

Here is a graph showing the detection range on Ka Band - 33.8 GHz.


Something > Nothing, there’s no such thing as a mild case of AIDS.

I have a Woot model very similar to this and it has paid for itself many times over.

Anyone here know if a detector like this can be mounted on a motorcycle? This seems like a real good deal, but I barely ever drive a car, so…


My brother still uses a POS Uniden and it still saves his arse from getting tickets. Point being that even a cheap radar detector can save you a VERY expensive fine. If you want ultra-protection, then shell out the bucks for a Bel, Escort or Valentine One. Most folks aren’t willing to part with that kind of money, though.

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No way I can just throw caution to the wind now and say 'what the heck, its only $50 and I’ll just learn the hard way what I like and what I don’t like in radar detectors, heck I’ve only had 3 speeding tickets in 10 years, no big deal.

Oh no can’t do that now. Gotta watch the youtube, gotta read the wikipedia, and omg, there has to be a bazillion websites put up by every self proclaimed radar expert in the world.

Oh never mind, anyway, now its much more important that I research condoms! And by the time I make that decision the opportunity for any fun will have passed me by or I’ll have bought the .50 one and have AIDS. Great.

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That may be the case in Arizona, but I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s not true in California.

I’ll be one of the ones to tell you I’ve owned a cheap radar detector and it turns out they really do suck. They aren’t going to save you from anything if you’re doing more than 10 over the speed limit. Say what you want about that, but its the truth. There are 50 dollar detectors and 500 dollar detectors for a reason, and the biggest one is range. How soon is this going to tell you there’s a cop around. What is the road is curved? Trees? Hills?

Not to mention the power cycles utilized by the cordless detectors means there are constantly milliseconds that its not detecting anything. Edit: the claim that this model is on 100% of the time, all you need to do is look up some info on cordless detectors, they’re not the way to go.

Speeding tickets are expensive, if you have an actual problem with speeding tickets, shell out the money and a $500 detector will pay for itself. (I suggest the STi Driver or 9500ix). Now, if you’re looking for a cheap gadget to play around with in the car, go ahead. Might spot one here or there, just be sure not to give yourself a (very) false sense of security using this detector.