Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System



Does anyone own this and happen to know what software it uses ? I may buy 1 of these.


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Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System
$249.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation System


any good?


Lowest Froogle: $254.99
Avg of Lowest 100 Froogle: $374.91


Whistler WGPX550 GPS Navigation System
(MPN: WGPX550)
Price Range: $339.98 - $427.00 from 10 Sellers

From pricegrabber


If I had the money. This thing would help so much since I’m still not that great getting around in this new location.

Then again, I’m curious to see how well this thing rates.


Plays MP3’s (using CD/MMC card slot)!!!

Whoa… CD?? Where do i stick one of them?!

I think they meant “SD Card Slot”. BTW, they don’t make MMC anymore.


Looks like everybody else sells this for $340 and up except for one store - Camphoto is cheaper, but note that you can only pay them in advance by wire. Surely everyone will point out how that store is selling for virtually the same price, and most wont notice that you have to pay in advance with a wire transfer in order to buy from that store. Its a scam folks…


I LOOOOVE these. But I already got’s me one. You’ll enjoy it, if you get lost easily. :slight_smile:


Can this do text to speech?


$399 @ buy.com

$391.34 @ shop.com

$359.99 @ newegg.com


my post dissappeard!!! Is this good??? or stick with garmin??


Anybody know how this compares to something like a Magellan Roadmate 760?


I have no idea if this is good, but ever since I’ve had a Garmin, I can’t imagine getting anything else.


http://camophoto.com/cgi-bin/Item.pl?action=ShowItem&id=1390 254.99


Better than the Mio 310X?


Blackberry with Google maps is better…


not that it matters for me…but how big is the memory card that comes with this thing?


Amazon.com user reviews.

Looks like it’s pretty good and I can’t seem to find it for less than $350