Wii Wired Dance Mat

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Wii Wired Dance Mat
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Will this work with my IBM PC/jr?

A 13 year old Cowboy would be all over this. I haven’t played DDR in years.


thank goodness it’s new… these things get kinda sweaty and dirty… dunno if you want a refurb

This is why we have kids.woot ughhhhh

Lots of them :confused:

No way this will not slip on the floor. No DDR mat has ever stayed in one place when I play.

If only i had a wii… or DDR.

Or my childhood back.

OMG. I bought that… I am desperate now.

no ddr to with it?

O no theres a lot of them

I’ll be surprised if this goes fast. It has a specific audience of people who still use their Wii and people who still play DDR.

it doesn’t come with a game? Can i use this with mario brothers?

It’s sad that I got a little excited when I saw this…not quite sloth excited, though

are those silhouettes in the bottom corners doing extreme backbends?!

no there’s so many :frowning:

And there appears to be a metric shizton of them…

Okay for real this time. Night, don’t forget to buy me some monkeys. Crashck, I’m depending on you.