Wolfgang Puck 7.2 Quart Air Fryer

Been thinking about getting an air fryer for a while now. This deal is really tempting me but man, NO reviews? Anyone have this particular model? Wondering how well it works for you.

I couldn’t resist the price. I watched a YouTube vid on it and was sucked in. I did read the reviews on HSN and here is the link to them: https://www.hsn.com/products/wolfgang-puck-72-quart-1700-watt-xl-air-fryer/8574706

Yup, me too. Went for it. For the same reasons; liked what I saw on the YouTube videos and the reviews! Price is great comparing to what they were paying on HSN.

Just google the model and you’ll find some comments via a QVC link. Seems it’s about as good as others’. People love WGP items. This bad boy is BIG!

i don’t have this particular model, but these are the best things ever made! i luv them…I’ve already gone thru 2 of then already, that’s how much i use it. It literally replaces your oven in a pitch.

Tested AirFryers thoroughly last year to see if they could really replace my deep fryer. Suffice to say they can’t.

If you have a convention Toaster oven you have the exact same thing but more versatile.

I just paid this much last month for a smaller GoWise and thought that was a great deal. If this one is as good it is a steal! HSN reviews say the basket isn’t non-stick though. Cleanup is easier if you get the parchment discs to fit the bottom, or one of the accessory sets out there might have a non-stick basket that would fit. I love my air fryer!

I have had a GOWISE Airfryer for a long time and I hardly ever use my oven anymore! My airfryer takes the place of it, and especially in the summer when you don’t want to heat your house up!
I hear the Wolfgang Puck brand is a well respected brand as well! I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied, but I do recommend spraying the bottom with a cooking spray of some sort for ease of cleaning and the “grease drippings” under the basket to be cleaned/emptied after at least every other use to prevent a fire. Do enjoy!!

Anyone think this might come back in stock here? I just saw it in the Daily Digest email I got yesterday.

As popular as it was, I think we may have it again before too long.

Just received this and it did not work out of the box. Tripped my ground fault circuit plugs - tested it several times. Must have a short internally. I’ve asked for help from Customer service at the company Woot used to provide this product. If there is resolution I’ll let you know how they fixed it.

Just to update - the company was very quick to reply that they would remedy the defective unit. The response time was top notch.

I’ve just received mine and it is NOISY. The fan rattles like mad and I am rather concerned. Some Amazon reviews say that a “fan noise” is common, but this doesn’t sound right.

Scutrona, who is this mystery company? I’ve emailed Woot! I’m so sad.

Okay, so the unit works BEAUTIFULLY… now that I’ve removed the cardboard from between the “basket” and the heating element. Whoops. Thanks for almost burning down my house, Woot. (Not really though. But that cardboard was a little overcooked once I found it.)

Seriously though… I’ve done a 5 pound chicken, pork chops, and asparagus so far. It’s keeping my kitchen nice and cool, and while I can’t put the setup in the dishwasher, I haven’t had any issues with hand-cleaning whatsoever. Soak it in detergent and water overnight to dissolve the grease, ready to go for cooking the next day.

YAY, Woot! They are shipping me a replacement unit. I’ve had issues with Woot returns/replacements in the past, but this episode is a win (if the new unit works properly)!

Love it though I ordered the blue and it is red. I had been wanting one but the bigger ones are expensive. Saw this and snatched it up. The woman I work with dilly dallied around was about to order and BOOM it was gone! Works great!

Sorry about the color snafu! Feel free to contact CS: Use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I think you got mine. I ordered a red one, but got blue.