Woot Cellars Humbug

Woot Cellars Humbug
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Aged
Woot Cellars Humbug

CellarTracker listing added above. Will update the listing as more info becomes available.

Looks like I will need to bust out the credit card again!

Tis the season for woot wine. Bah!

fascinating…wish I had more to say, but that’s the only thing in my feeble mind right now :slight_smile:

tho I wonder what the “Aged” condition means for this wine…and what the percentages of the varietal are, especially the Viognier which I haven’t seen in many red blends

then again, I tasted a wine up in napa on friday which was a 50% red, 50% white blend (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel, chardonnay and french colombard) which was interesting

I hope this is around on Friday when I get paid. This looks like a fun wine to have around.


In for 2! Between this and the woot-off Wellington, I will have 2 cases of everyday wine to drink.

Ten bucks a bottle? Not bad!

Oh yea… and a five spot for shipping!

Done and done. I loved the Monkey Prize, so this seems like a no-brainer.

What happened to Massachusetts???

Daggum, I am becoming so poor, due in large part to wine.woot. Im gonna hold off for a day or so because i’m not sure whether to go in for 1X or 2x.

What is the Monkey Prize?

Any WOOT CELLARS that i purchased have been GREAT…

HUMBUG to all…

Of course I’m in…you had me at “Syrah, buttressed by Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Viognier, Sangiovese, and Barbera”. At least I think I’m in… the server seems to be treating this as a BOC.

Ok, I don’t follow the forums as well as I should, but do we know who the winemaker is? Is it Peter?

Probably the most (in)famous Woot Wine to date;

Well… what exactly is it? A Two-Buck UpChuck blend of spit buckets from choice California wineries? What’s the alcohol %? Screw tops lead one to believe nothing but the most mediocre leftovers went into this blend.

I second that! The polyphemus was tres bien

WD - i’m moving from a tediously long state (AZ) first week of january but don’t know my new address yet. any projected delivery dates for the tediously long states? is it possible it could get here before then?

Dont wait to long Woot Cellars wines usually sell OUT quickly.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM polyphemus.aaaaaaaaagggggggggggggglllllllllllllllll