Woot Llmited-Edition Blrthday BŌC

This is getting ridiculous, it never shows up until it is sold!!! WTF!!!

Got IT. Finally. Thank you Woot and Thunderthighs for making my dreams come true! Today I do feel like a 14 year old all over again. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

Somehow got lucky and got one :). But I’m leaving tomorrow for two weeks. It will have to sit there with my husband till I get back and we can open it.

If it makes you feel better, I saw it with 98% left and just sitting in the VOP…

I’m wondering where it’s showing up at… Cause I’ve tried… It takes me to the wrong page almost every time… one time I got in the VOP… I’m mister Impatient :stuck_out_tongue:

I get into the VOP every time. Like I’m in like the 1st second it is available. I really wanted to get one of these today on my birthday. Looks like that won’t be happening :frowning:

Or it doesn’t show up at all. I tried refreshing, following the link to the new URL, all of it and it never showed on my screen. Only knew it was happening because the pens stayed on the screen looooong after they sold out.

Fuck off woot. Sold out upon refresh. get a life

I was F5’ing like crazy and saw it go from gel pens to the Friday DVD.

Anyone having any luck with Wootstalker/tracker/extensions/Twitter? I Feel like everything is down or delayed…

R u guys using a super computer to gets these BOC? On here when it updated and still sold out.

I knew it was there because my plugin alerted me, but it never showed up in any browser with constant refreshing. Just eventually went straight to the next item. Neato.

didnt even see it. but i had a feeling with the lag in loading after those pens sold out. Friday 13th blu ray set… F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5


Been trying to buy one of these bags all canned day. What do you people have, 5?! Total bullshit. As a new woot customer I have not been impressed today.

I have an eyebrow raised. The B0C turned into movies. :confused:

Same. I was refreshing immediately after the gel pens… and suddenly BOOM… friday the 13th. This isn’t even a fun experience anymore for non-bot people.

Holy crap I actually got one! Happy birthday Woot! I am ready for 10x the disappointment.

That’s a good husband, if he won’t peek. And congrats!

Thanks for posting. It really gives me hope that people are getting them. It looks impossible, but it’s possible!