Workman 17 or 22 Foot Multi-Configuration Ladder

If you’re not obese, the home depot ladder of the same build but 250 lb weight limit comes in $10 less for the 17’ and $20 less for the 22’.

I’m strongly considering this style ladder, but leaning towards the Werner since I don’t need the extra 50 lb weight limit and it shaves off a couple pounds on the ladder too. I only need the “17” foot ladder since I have a ranch. I put 17 in quotes since they don’t actually go by ladder height…

I own the 22’ Werner and it’s a STURDY ladder. This doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal.

Ive got a similar ladder - very handy. Remember to make sure it’s locked… “Once it’s locked, you’re OK. Very safe to operate.”


These are very handy, but about twice as heavy as a similar size step ladder. They are very sturdy and do not rock or wiggle when you are higher up. I have two of the Werners and am quite satisfied. I’m a 200 pounder and have no concerns about the strength.