Worx 20-Volt Chainsaw with Extension Pole

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Worx 20-Volt Chainsaw with Extension Pole
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I have teh corded version with teh extension. I use it to cut branches in thick bushes and works great. I hate to get near and inside because of fear of spiders.

Reviews for the Saw at home depot


Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) on the jawsaw over at homedepot.com and check out the product page

I’m going to order this for my elderly parents and tell them it’s one of those devices that grabs things from high up around the house.

the home depot one you posted is the 320… the one woot is selling is the 321

Bought refurb saw and extension pole from Worx’ ebay store for $15 less last month. (seems this deal does include an extra battery) Have other Worx tools and batteries so was confident in buying refurb from them.

The saw works great! Can’t say enough good things about it. Amazing power and so easy to handle. Really idiot proof. If you have a need for a small chain saw, highly recommend.

I have the corded version I bought on woot a couple months back. Just used it for real for the firt time yesterday. Its a great tool. Love it. Wish I had the cordless version but like having the steady power of the corded one.

That limb is going to break that guy’s fence when it falls…just sayin…

Got one of these last year without the extension. It is fantastic. I have a large lot with a lot of trees and bushes. This saves me from having to get the chainsaw out for smaller jobs and this thing does work. When I originally got it, people had posted about the chain constantly coming off. In about 40 hours of use, I’ve had the chain come off twice and it is an easy fix. If you have trees that need pruning, get this.

Sounds like a couple of posters already have one. How long does the battery last? If I walk an hour out into the woods to build a blind, I would want the battery to last long enough to get the job done.

I own one of these. For its intended purpose, there is nothing that does the same job as well as this.

I’m a fairly big man and it’s relatively easy for me to handle the extension pole…well, easy may be overstating it a bit, so let’s just say I can handle it. Nevertheless, when you extend the pole, the laws of physics are against you…making that little machine at the end of the pole feel as though it weighs a ton.

For trimming bushes, low lying tree limbs and an occasional higher tree limb, this machine is the uncontested champion. I also own a pole saw (10 inch electric chain saw on a pole) and this Worx machine is by far better at the task. I would recommend this saw to anyone who needs and wants the best trimming saw available.

Hey there, just to clarify: we changed the sale a moment ago because the vendor told us this will come with one battery not two. We’ll be reaching out to people who bought when we all thought it was two batteries, sorry for the inconvenience.

I bought the corded one, very happy with it, wish the outside part of the machine was a bit thinner so I don’t have to fight with my orange tree branches and rose bush branches, otherwise I’m very happy with my purchase.

I’m in. Really needed something like this and almost paid twice as much! Thanks Woot!

Wow…strange…JUST before I sat down to the laptop I was looking out the window at a large branch that needs to be trimmed. Spouse said “we’ll need a chainsaw”…

In for one.

Bought one a year ago from Provantage for $180+ and even that was a pretty good deal. I work the heck out of mine. Only wish I had a second battery to be charging while I’m using the other. Only lasts an hour or two, depending upon usage. However, the battery goes full speed until stopping dead–no gradual slowdown. I have not used the extension yet. Mine came with the extension end broken off due to bad packaging. Provantage eventually replaced it, but took the old one (machine, battery and all) back. Rats. Chain does tend to come off, and small stuff tends to clog up things inside the jaws. But access is easy and putting the chain back on is usually not hard. Easy self-adjusting tension nut. For all its plastic, it seems to holding up very well and is SOOO much safer than a regular chain saw. But if you have a lot of wood over 5" thick or so, then this will be inadequate. But I’ve been pleased by how well it tackles larger stuff. Whatever fits in the jaws, it will usually cut! If you’re cutting at ground level (which I’ve been) the thickness of the machine prevents an absolute ground-level cut. It will leave an inch or two remaining. But I still regard its safety and ease of use as a more than adequate tradeoff.

Dang - that is almost a deal breaker :frowning:

I’m a huge fan of Worx tools, owning a lawnmower, weed whacker, leaf blower, etc. While their plastic construction gives them somewhat of a toy like feel, they all perform their intended tasks extremely well, and that same plastic construction makes them light and easy to handle.

In addition, Worx customer service is outstanding. I once received a defective unit, and they immediately shipped a replacement and did not even require me to return the original unit.