YETI Hopper 40 Coolers

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YETI Hopper 40 Coolers
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 12 to Tuesday, Jun 13) + transit
Condition: New


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so much yes. I was literally looking at this today. FYI yeti has a free sticker and/or catalog thing going on now here

Plenty of Reviews at Cabela’s

These are great coolers for keeping your beverages cold. And, this is an amazing price.

However, I really recommend getting a Yeti (or Rtic if you like saving money) flip cooler.

The flip coolers are so much easier to get ice and water out of. These hopper coolers are difficult to drain because of the opening at the top (it tends to want to stay closed because of its shape).

so much no. $180 for an insulated bag? Really?

But…But it says YETI on it…
Can’t believe people pay so much for a name.

I’m usually pretty quiet but I’ve got to come back at this one. I’ve got a buddy that’s had this for the past 2 years and I’ve been jealous since the first time I saw it. A scoop of ice for every 6 pack of beer and stuff stays cold for DAYS. I’ve seen him 4-5 days after a beer release and there are still intact ice cubes in the cooler that’s been sitting in the truck in mid-atlantic summer heat in this thing.

seriously though, assuming I go out 10x a year, and i would save myself 2 8# bags of ice each time, this thing would realistically take half a decade to pay for itself when compared to a styrofoam cooler. but what’s the real cost of keeping those tired hands milkshakes cold???

i bit for one

But an ice cold beer is…priceless

Be careful leaving this in the back of a truck. Yeti coolers have quickly become popular targets of thieves. I’ve even heard of people having them stolen out of their campsite in popular campgrounds.

I’m with you on this one. I get that it keeps stuff cold, but since I’m not quite making 7 figures yet the math just doesn’t work.

I’ll stick with my rtic coolers and accessories. Work just as well and are built just as well and cost half the price.

This is why it’s so hard to have nice things.

First, you probably wouldn’t need two bags. Second, if you’re not near a source for ice, this is important. Third, if you are, it’ll save you the hassle of refilling the ice.

this is not a deal
its about 190 or 200 on the internet

with woot, you cannot return.
definitely a bad deal woot

This is the OLD hopper, that’s only reason you are finding yeti discounted. The Hopper Two is the new one. FYI

Ozark Trail at Walmart will give you 90% of the performance for a fraction of the price (around $40 iirc).

More like 40% the performance for 1/3 the price. The OT 36 can cooler will hold for about a day and a half but is $49, which is out of stock now.

This is what you really have to evaluate. How much will you use it? If you go camping or boating or whatever a few times a year, it’s not worth it. If you go out a few times a month, it probably is.

What cracks me up are people who put the YETI sticker on their truck. Brilliant on the part of the company, it’s free advertising. But I usually see it as “I have so much money I own YETI products.”

But seriously, people have commented about theft. Someone in my hometown stole a $4-5k YETI cooler off a dock because it was YETI. I mean this was one of those giant ones meant for deepwater fish from fishing boats. These are theft magnets because of their price.

I recently bought an Ozark Trail bag cooler from Walmart, pretty similar to this one but it has one of those velcro “windows” in the top so you can reach in and grab a drink without unzipping the hard to zip zippers (same zippers on the YETI). I’ve been very happy with it. I pack 10-12 water bottles every time I go off-roading out in the desert so I’ve used it quite a bit. Maybe spent $40 on it.