YETI Hopper Coolers

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YETI Hopper Coolers
Price: $169.99 - 179.99
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$276 on the mother ship

If you don’t have a Yeti yet, you are missing out. We have everything Yeti and if I could have a Yeti brand refrigerator, I would. If you haven’t heard of Yeti products, come out from under your rock. These products are simply amazing. Obviously they keep stuff cold or hot but what separates Yeti from other inferior products is how long they can do it for. Imagine ice keeping in your cooler for 7 days, ice cold water for 3 in your Yeti cups; this is what’s possible with a Yeti.

Don’t wait, because at this price, they’ll be gone by the morning. To see this product at 10% off is a deal, to see it at more than 50% is practically unheard of.

In for one more. It’s too good to pass up.

It’s nice that the Yeti rep is here.

Yeti is good, no doubt. But they are overpriced on a lot of their products. I don’t know about their soft sided stuff, but their stainless tumblers are no better than Rtic or Ozark Trail or any number of others that cost a fraction of the price. Their rotomolded coolers have competitors that are just as good for significantly less. And again, their products are good, but that Yeti logo costs a lot.

I’m not a YETI dealer and I got all my YETI products as gifts so I’m not defending my purchase. However, YETI products DO keep cold better. Many times I have left iced drinks in my car over night and found ice the next day. KODI or Osark Trail will not (I have both). The only complaint I have is with the coolers, the sun will discolor them to the point of being ugly.

YETI sued Walmart and the manufacturer in China who make Ozark Trail AND Yeti. The complaint is online. Both products come off the same line, made by the same machines using the same materials. Identical except for the logo, the marketing and the levels of blind faith. Quality product but more an example of incredibly intelligent marketing imho.

The most vastly overpriced and underengineered products on the planet. everyone at the marina must have a yeti, it’s a status symbol. There are several rotomolded cooler manufacturers now who make the same product for half the price.
This “hopper” is arguably one of the worst designs for a cooler ever. Which is why yeti did away with this model. This cooler has an extremely heavy duty zipper and is made of very heavy duty material. This makes reaching into it like reaching into a sharks mouth. you need two hands to spread the opening to actually see what’s in it before you reach in, so if you have beer and soda in the same cooler it’s like an SAT word problem to get what you want.
Yeti changed the design of the hopper to move away from this slit top design and moved the zipper to the side. A far better design is the four walled soft sides that you can open and look inside. Another manufacturer basically perfected this design (which yeti, humorously enough, copied) in a long holding lightweight cooler. Do a little research before buying the marina-darling yeti…you can find better for much much less.

Rtic brand does the exact same thing. Their version of the “rambler” keeps ice in cups for nearly a day. And I left their “65” cooler outside for a week and still had ice and ice cold beer. Great brand at half the price.

Yeti also sued rtic.

I’ll let the rest of you argue about whether or not the brand is worth the price but I am a fan. This is the original design for the Hopper series and despite its flaws (difficult to add ice without help) we love it. The new Hopper designs include a flip top version and another incorporating a side zipper and they appear to be better thought out. Overall, however, this is a great deal for a cooler you could own for the rest of your life.

Good morning all. Pls keep your comments constructive. Product discussion should never involve personal attaxks.

One issue in the Rtic/yeti lawsuit was reportedly that the phillipines factory where these were made shipped some yeti product to Rtic in Rtic packaging. Rtic went ahead and shipped them to customers. I believe Rtic had to switch factories and in other suits were forced to redesign their coolers to notch match yeti so precisely.

The Yeti and Ozark tumblers are made at the exact same factory with the exact same processes. Your claim is absolute nonsense as there are comparisons all over the internet showing there’s no difference. Comparing their coolers; however, is a completely different story.

Well I don’t know about anyone else’s experiences, but we got Yeti tumblers for xmas at some point and loved them. Then RTIC and Ozark began making seemingly the same thing. We also got some Ozark tumblers for xmas another year. We prefer our Yetis by far, but understand not everyone will want to shell out $$$ for the Yeti name when you can get close with other brands.

As far as these soft sides, it seems a good deal and I would be very tempted if not for a complete lack of money at the current moment lol.

In general (haven’t seen this in this thread…so I’m not calling anyone out) people say we need to keep companies American. Manufacturing needs to stay local (where ever you are) in my opinion and it’s a shame when it goes away. Purchasing the knock off brands for less money encourages manufacturing AND R&D to go overseas. If you’re cool with that, cool, but don’t claim you’re for American companies when you turn around and go to Wally World and buy a Chinese knock off because you didn’t want to spend the extra 15 or 20 to get the original. Or in this case, 100-200. Just saying.

And for all who think that R&D is cheap, reverse engineering is the cheapest option. If Yeti copied someone else through RE, their prices should reflect that. Which is why others who have copied Yeti (including the Yeti employee who started RTIC if I remember correctly) are cheaper - not nearly as much R&D. Take it from an engineer, there is massive cost in R&D.

OK, rant over. It is a peeve of mine so sorry for that… Ooh, also I’m a complete hypocrite sometimes. I try to avoid the Wally but go through my house and you will see plenty of stuff not made here. The Yeti stuff got under my skin because they came out with a completely unique product which was then carbon copied by defectors and/or foreign companies.

FWIW - Vacuum insulation isn’t a new idea and it didn’t belong to Yeti. Tervis made the first vacuum tumblers. Chemical labs have been using vacuum insulated containers for decades.

Your rant doesn’t make much sense. Both yeti and rtic are American companies making their products in China. You buy yeti, pay for the name and advertising and have less cash in your pocket, and I’ll buy rtic, get the same results, pay half as much and keep the cash in my pocket. Both products come from American companies producing their products overseas.

For various reasons (gift, prize, purchase) we own Yeti, K2, RTIC and Engel - coolers and cups. Last year while at the beach we did the ice test and the Yeti, RTIC and K2 all performed practically the same. The Engel wasn’t nearly as good but at a fraction of the price did just fine.

The RTIC and K2 were the best values at nearly half the cost of the Yeti but as with most “new” things they created the high-end cooler market probably knowing they had a window of opportunity to realize a greater profit and they built a brand and cooler experience that the other companies are joining in on. Competition is good for all of us.

This year I bought the RTIC soft pack cooler (20) and was amazed at how well it performed and more importantly how light it was - saving my back toting it to the beach each day.

As for this Yeti soft cooler, it’s probably a decent deal at this price if you want to own a Yeti but if you need a really good cooler there are less expensive options.

The one thing that is being missed here is how the YETI and RTIC are marketed. YETI has a full retail product, distributed to sporting goods stores and other retailers. RTIC, for now, has elected to be an online retailer reducing overhead and allowing for the product to be sold at a lower cost. All the costs associated with distribution and for the retailer to make a profit has to be passed on to the consumer. I have both products from tumblers to coolers and they work equally well.

I’m sure it’s a great cooler, but $180 for a cooler bag? Good grief. No cooler is worth that.