Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack (5 Colors)


Bought one last year, love it. Use it everyday. Carry a 15" Macbook pro which fits easily in the laptop compartment and about 20-30lbs of books and other gear depending on the day. Handles it with ease.

Tons of pockets of various sizes, great for any purpose. Looking forward to transitioning it to a hunting/hiking backpack when I get the chance!

Would definitely recommend it especially at this price!

Sold! Or, well, in a moment at least. Hopefully. If my left mouse-button holds out long enough.

I got one of these last year and used it as a gear bag in France, Croatia and Iceland. It worked great. If you fill out full it will be too big for a bus overhead. After 6 weeks of travel it still looks new. I lost some things in it because it had so many pockets.

I’ve got this and the Quick Scout MOLLE Pack, both purchased through Woot sales. I’ve been very happy with both bags.

They are feature-packed and have held up well. Mine haven’t seen any really heavy use, but I have had some weight in the Alpha Backpack, and I used to carry the Quick Scout on me every day. Both still basically look good as new.

My only minor gripe is the zippers on the Alpha had a tendency to bind when I first got it. They still do occasionally, but it got a lot better as the bag loosened up and took its real shape.

Obviously if the zippers are my only complaint, I still think Yukon’s bags are pretty swell.

Does it really have a padded laptop compartment?

If you watch the video that was posted above you’ll see that it looks like it is padded on the compartment against your back.

Bought one of these nearly 2 years ago and used it daily for over a year. It’s now travelling around the world with my girlfriend. So far it’s made it through all kinds of heavy use with no problems, camping in northern Michigan, trekking through the Pilbara, you name it.

great pack! also want to add that their customer service is second to none. I had problems with a zipper that came undone - called them up, they sent me a label to ship it back and sent me a brand new one.

GREAT company to do business with!

I bought one of these from Woot about a year ago. It stunk very strongly of petroleum or something for about a month. I left this bag splayed open in different positions on my porch for about a month till the stink went away. But now that it doesn’t smell, I use this bag every day for my bike commute to work. The bag is sturdy as can be. It has so many pockets and zippers! I bought it to take traveling to India, but that trip ended up not happening, but it would have been perfect as a second bag for an international “backpacking” type trip. Took it to Hawaii instead. It’s great.

I want to know this too. My Thule backpack zipper crapped out on me and I’m trying to decide what to do: get it fixed and be down 3 weeks without a pack, or just order a new backpack.

It does not have a padded laptop compartment. It has a compartment for a hydration bladder that some people use to carry their laptops.
If you watch the video he even mentions using a padded laptop sleeve on your laptop before storing it in the bag, so definitely not built in.

I like the design of this pack. Carrying it fully loaded for extended periods of time is a killer though. Really wish these were made with a hip belt.

These are getting as common on here as Dyson!

No it doesn’t; though, I bought a laptop sleeve as a workaround.