Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Drone w/ Case

Nice deal. Just bought the Typhoon H.

This is not a kids little toy drone. The batteries are 55 bucks each on their own. Good full sized controller with fully detailed color screen, but range could be improved. I have 2. Waiting for another sale on a H.

I was considering this drone, but 27% one star reviews scared me off.

It’s a great drone for this price. However, there is one major problem that many people have and that is the dreaded fly away. Some of these units end up having the compass fail mid-flight. Make sure to read up on how to calibrate and always to a 30-60second hover check(things you should be doing with any drone!)

If you are that worried there is one very important thing Yuneec fails to meantion and that is the transmitter has a SD Card slot underneath it’s battery. Make sure to also put a SD Card in the transmitter/remote since it will save telemetry data. Yuneec most likely will not honor the warranty for a crash if there is no telemetry data!!! So even if you have no desire to use the camera on the drone and think you don’t need a SD card you need to put one in the transmitter.

Only time I ever had problems is using Smart mode to close -or- strong winds. They’ve always come home on RTH. Sometimes Gimbal issues but that might have been something I did.

Agreed. A high number of 1 star ratings often negates the overall rating. It shows a love/hate relationship.

I’d say this is one VERY important flaw not to overlook.

Per the reviews, on the mothership, looks to be about 22 minutes of use per battery charge.

Seems I’ll need to pack a few batteries if I want to play with this next time on a cross country plane trip and bored.


Standard charger is pretty rubbish.
I would recommend an after market one. IMAX B6 has adapters or EVPEAK Dual Charger for Q500.

Also FAA Rules on batteries on planes:

Just bought one a few weeks ago.
What a disaster. After I opened the case I noticed that 1 of 4 motors did not turn freely.
Then I found 3 broken propellers in the case. Definitely not Factory Reconditioned. Contacted the manufacturer and still waiting for my return label to get it repaired.