Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 720p sPoE NVR Security System



Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at


Bought this a while ago on Newegg for $159 (no HD), so this deal is just okay. Installed all cameras outdoor and they work well. Had a problem with the NVR and one camera and Zmodo replaced both on warranty. Quality is a bit suspect, I would not expect this system to last more than a few years and once the warranty runs out that’s it. Video quality is pretty awesome and 720p looks great. If you mount these outdoors you have to weather-proof the Ethernet connection between the cable and the camera.


Can you add a hard drive to the one without?


Yes. Simple.


I have the 8 ch version of this. I replaced a bunch of Foscam cameras with this system. POE is the way to go. Works great good picture. Remote viewing with my Iphone App. As stated in other post the cameras are IP-66 weather proof. However, you will want to add waterproofing to the Ethernet plug connection. I used white rubber silicon tape and it was worked great.


Looking for info on whether this supports HTTPS (SSL) connection. Kind of important if you want to extend it outside of your home network. Anyone know? (yes im researching)


Can this be easily configured to record to the cloud?


Hello Researching, my name is Zmodo.
This system supports email alert motion detection notifications over SSL and Port Forwarding and RTSP streaming.

What this means is that you can enable email alerts over SSL if you only want to get a snapshot of whats in front of your cameras when motion is detected.

Port Forwarding means that you can open the three ports specific to your NVR, then you can use either Internet Explorer or our Desktop program to view cameras and adjust settings from a computer remotely.

RTSP stream is a cool feature but its a little bit more obscure and complicated. The cameras have an RTSP stream which means that you can view your cameras locally or remotely using a 3rd party (Not made by Zmodo) software program if you want to.

The majority of customers who purchase their product will simply view from their smartphone or our web-based server remotely. This is the super simple way to view online. The downside to viewing this way is that you can only look at live video and motion detection snapshots–you can’t adjust settings or playback older video files using this method.


Hello salvadorssh,
At this time, we are still in beta testing stages for our cloud storage server. I would apologize, but why take responsibility when its easier and more accurate to just throw my office’s Internet Service Provider under the bus?

When our cloud storage server goes live, this product is one of many products that can record camera video to the cloud for a small monthly fee.

Until then, you can simply record video footage to your internal Hard Drive for no fee. (Unless your hard drive comes to life and starts billing you, in which case I highly recommend exorcising the demons out of your hard drive)


Can the camera be upgraded to higher resolution cameras later or would it be limited by the NVR? I know it would need a bigger HD, but if I put a bigger HD, COULD The NVR handle 3mp cameras or 1080p?.


Received the system, connection to the cameras was easy but I cannot get the email notification to work. I tired searching for solutions, tried various email addresses, still get error messages. Tried to contact Zmodo support, IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot call their 24/7 support any longer and when I tried the live chat, they are always off line. Sent emails, and still no response. Will probably be returning this to Woot.