Zmodo 8CH/4Cam Sony CCD Security System

Maybe I am missing it, anybody know the model?

From specs tab:

(4) ZMD-CNR-BBS23NM (CM-N22623BG)

Overview (with additional pictures) over at

[MOD: Note that our set has 4 cameras; the set linked here has 8 cameras]

Worried about robbers coming to steal your limited collector’s edition of Woot-opoly you picked up yesterday? Quick! Order this then! They’ll only arrive a day apart, so all you’ll need to do is carry around your Woot-opoly for a mere 24 hours before you’ll be covered by this magnificent security system. You’re welcome!

Easily the most cost-effective way of proving that your neighbor is, indeed, coming into your house while you are sleeping and rearranging your furniture, stealing some of your least valuable things, and harassing your pets.

What is the difference between this model and the “Full D1” model?

Aha, I found the answer to my question. It is the resolution of video, and this model has it:

704x480 (NTSC)
704x576 (PAL)

I’m going to get these so perhaps law enforcement can do something about the dog owners who don’t clean up.

I have a feeling the “56 fps @ D1 resolution” is split among all the cameras. So with 4 cameras you get 14 fps and with 8 cameras you only get 7 fps. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You get what you pay for… Purchased 3 new units last year and each unit failed before 8months of use. Two I didn’t get a replacement as I installed them 4 months later than the first one. I was a week out of warranty and they said to purchase new ones. The new replacement is covered under the first warranty so when I received it at my door the warranty had already expired. Just my experience. Wouldn’t have said anything if it were just one unit but all three? Three different locations in air conditioning room that is well ventilated as the units did not come with any internal fans. Just the hard drive creates enough heat to ruin a motherboard in a pc.

Can I change the cameras to 700TVL? Will the DVR support the higher resolution?

I have purchased every security system Woot has sold for the past year.

Now my house is protected by 1123 cameras.

Don’t waste your $. Zmodo is the biggest piece of crap. Their DVR died just over a year old and I contacted hem about having it fixed/replaced. They told me it was under warranty and I mailed it to them on my own dime. Then I never heard anything for 3 weeks. I called them bad asked what was going on. They told me it was no longer under warranty and would not fix it. I asked why it wasn’t under warranty after they got it and they said they messed up telling me it was under warranty. Then I even went a step further and asked if I could pay to have it fixed/replaced. Nope they flat out just said No. No explanation, nothing. They mailed me back my broken DVR and that was it. By the way, just incase your wondering, it was not the HD. I pulled the drive out of the unit, and the DVR was just frozen. Won’t boot up with a solid red light of the HDD lit.

No thanks zmodo, keep your piece of sh!t.

I have a few of the zmodo systems installed… One very similar to this and one of their older models. The Sony Ccd cameras bundled with this are surprisingly good, especially when compared to the CMOS cameras they often bundle. Other than the web front-end requiring IE to view I have been very happy with them. I use the zmodo app on android and IOS as well. The apps have some quirks and are only useful for viewing live streams but for free no complaints. You would be surprised what goes on when you aren’t home - mailmen who sling your packages, kids that use your driveway as a racing strip, and other mysteries solved with a Zmodo DVR!

Nope, still stuck at 420 lines or whatever this is listed at. However, the higher resolution will still look clearer, and probably looks significantly better at night. I bought the 600 line cameras at with my zmodo unit and noticed significant improvement of the color, contrast, and night clarity. These do not have an IR shield during the day so it really screws the colors up (which is really not THAT big of a deal).

Analog video security systems are dinosaurs, get an IP based camera and system. If your going to have to run cables, as you would with this Zmodo system, you might as well run CAT-5/6 ethernet cable. The IP based cameras are powered by and send digital video over the single ethernet cable.

I have cat5 run in my new home and trying find the right suitable camera package to install. Is IP camera’s only solution or can I use this analog camera’s with BNC and so forth. Anyone?

When you say IE is required, does that mean I can’t use my phone’s browser to view streaming video from these? (android phone)

Too bad Zmodo does not support MAC. You must use IE to monitor your cameras, or plug a monitor into the DVR.